Undergraduate/Bachelor's Level Initial Certifcation Programs  »

These are initial certification/licensure programs for a person pursuing a bachelor's degree and teacher certification.

MAT Initial Certificaton Programs  »

These are initial teacher certification/lincednsure programs for a person who already holds a bachelor's degree.

Graduate Certificate Programs  »

These are programs for certified teachers who wish to add additional certifications/licenses.

Master's Programs (M.Ed. and M.A.) »

These are advanced degree programs for certified teachers wishing to continue their studies in specific areas of education and /or those with bchelor's degrees who wish to pursue Professional Counseling and Higher Education administration degrees.

Alternate Route Certificate Programs »

These programs are non-traditional teacher preparation programs designed for those who HAVE NOT comleted a tradtitional teacher preparation program but wish to optain the necessary training to be come a New Jersey certified teacher.  

Grant Programs  »