BS PE/Health Teacher Certification K-12

B.S. in Physical Education and Health K-12 Certification

William Paterson University’s Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification offers successful candidates a bachelor’s degree with certification to teach Physical Education, Health Education, and Driver's Education in both elementary and secondary schools. The curriculum content is aligned with the State of New Jersey certification requirements and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Requirements include completion of coursework and multiple field experiences over four years. Upon completion of this degree, students will come away with modern teaching practices, the ability to analyze skillful movement, technology inclusion and effective management skills.

For more information please contact: Dr. Michael Laughlin, Program Director. Email:

Major Specific Course Requirements: Complete Physical Education/Health Endorsement Curriculum

Already have a Degree? Want to teach Physical Education & Health??

Must complete a 2nd Undergraduate Degree and the following courses: Second Undergraduate Degree Contract

Requirements and Course Offerings for Professional Education Course Sequence –Matriculation

  • Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and 60 credit minimum
  • Passing PRAXIS CORE for Educator Series 5751: Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Cut scores: Reading - 156 Writing – 162 Math – 150
  • Waivers may apply for qualifying high SAT or ACT score.
    • Verbal Score- 480 & Math- 520 (taken before 1995)
    • Verbal Score- 560 & Math- 540 (taken between 4/1/1995-2016)
    • Verbal Score 610 Reading/Writing or 30 Reading & Math- 570 (taken after 3/1/2016)
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  • WPU must receive passing scores on (or before) Aug 25th for the Fall semester, and Jan 5th for Spring semester in order to get into PETC 3110
  • Passing PRAXIS II prior to Senior Teaching Internship

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