To provide comprehensive student centered learning assistance programs, services and resources for all undergraduate students.


  • To develop and/or enhance the academic skills necessary for mastery of college curricula.
  • To encourage students to achieve academic success and engage in lifelong learning.
  • To foster personal growth and development.
  1. Successful Advising

    At the Advisement Center we are committed to ensuring the success and welfare of all of our students. Our faculty and staff are among the best in the country. To start you out on the right foot, we have adopted an academic advising system that will assist you in attaining educational excellence and in developing abilities for lifelong independent learning. Our advising system also helps you to achieve your personal, academic, career, and professional goals.

  2. Academic Success Center

    At the Academic Success Center, students receive one-on-one tutoring assistance for numerous lower-level and upper-level courses, as well as for developmental skills for math and reading courses. Workshops are designed to help students develop effective study skills and utilize effective strategies. From the Center's lab, students may access network computer facilities. Study groups, and exam review sessions are also available.

  3. Counseling, Health and Wellness

    The Counseling, Health & Wellness Center provides a full range of clinical services for all William Paterson University Students.

  4. EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund)

    The Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF) of William Paterson University (WPUNJ) is committed to excellence and access. Our mission is to make a college education possible for students who require academic and financial support. We strive to create a community of learners in a climate and environment that enhances the intellectual and cultural experience of our students; that motivates and engages students in the pursuit of their own academic and professional development and that of others; that is mutually supportive, collaborative and nurturing, and which aids in the retention and graduation of all students. The EOF Program at William Paterson University seeks to provide students with the tools for and commitment to lifelong learning, leadership skills, and personal responsibility.

  5. Will. Power. 101

    Will. Power. 101 is a multifaceted program of structured academic and student support services designed to guide new students in building the skills to balance their coursework with enrichment activities.

  6. Science Enrichment Center

    The Science Enrichment Center is a "student-centered environment" that empowers students with diverse needs to achieve high levels of intellectual and personal growth and enables professors to maintain high academic standards. Within this environment, SEC staff and faculty challenge students to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the sciences. Towards this endeavor, the Center provides human and material resources, cooperative learning, coaching and mentoring to facilitate student learning.

  7. Writing Center

    The William Paterson University Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring for anyone in the university community working on any kind of writing in any stage of development. Tutorial sessions typically take thirty minutes to an hour. We work with you on writing issues such as outlining, thesis clarification, organization, style, transitions, citing, and grammar, and we help you learn how to edit and proofread your own writing. Our aim is not just to produce a better piece of writing; it’s to produce a better writer.