Anthology (formerly Chalk & Wire)

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Welcome to the Anthology! Anthology Accounts are free to all education majors.

Please read before submitting a help ticket.

Purpose: Throughout your program you will be assessed at various points using Anthology. The data collected through Anthology provides the necessary data for the College of Education to complete:

1) its national accreditation report,

2) its report to the NJ Department of Education and

3) our own monitoring for programmatic improvement.

Getting started in Anthology

Undergraduates and MAT students will receive a welcome email from Anthology after the add/drop period each semester. Emails will only be sent to WP email addresses. If you are in a program that has a rolling admission, or you registered outside of the traditional semester, you will need to complete a help ticket for a new account. This introductory email includes your user id (first initial, last name) and a temporary password, along with instructions on how activate your account and submit assessments. For FAQs, please read the QuickStart Guide for Students (see link below) before submitting a help ticket. 

Undergraduate and MAT candidates

New teacher candidates (TC) enrolled in Undergraduate or MAT education programs are provided Anthology accounts after the add/drop period. If you do not receive an Anthology account one week after this period, please complete a help ticket for a new account at . If you were a previous education major at WPU you may have an expired account, your account will be renewed one week after the add/drop period.

M.Ed., M.A., EdD., and Graduate Certificate candidates

M.Ed., M.A., EdD., and Graduate Certificate candidates must complete a help ticket at if you are registering outside of the traditional semester, in order to receive a new account or to renew an expired account.

Submitting Anthology Help Tickets

When completing a help ticket be sure to select Anthology as the Request Type:

help desk request

Accessing the Anthology Website

(Click the image below to access Anthology)

You must first create a Portfolio by selecting your program from a drop down list. A portfolio is the same as the Table of Contents, which is your program. Creating a portfolio creates a menu of assessments associated with your program.

Creating a Portfolio

  • Log into Anthology, you may be prompted to complete a demographic survey.
  • On the left menu, select My Coursework
  • Click the New Portfolio box
  • Name your portfolio: First Initial, Last Name, Program
  • Select your Table of Contents (program name) from the dropdown list (go to next bullet point). If your program is not listed, click Can’t find your table of contents? Then,
    • Select Department: Select the department where your program is housed
    • Select Table of Contents: Select your program
  • Click create
  • Do NOT create multiple portfolios for the same program.
  • If you are in multiple programs (not courses) please create a portfolio for each program.

Anthology Videos and PDF Guides:

Quick Start Guide for Assessors

Quick Start Video for Assessors (site login)

Quick Start Video for Assessors (LMS Black Board login)

Quick Start Guide for External Users

Quick Start Guide for Students

Quick Start Video for Students (site login)

Quick Start Video for Students (LMS Black Board login)

edTPA User Guide

How can I find my Anthology expiration date? (Assessors and Candidates)

For users with existing Anthology accounts, continued access will be granted until the account expiration date. If you are a returning student or it has been a year since you've used Anthology, your account may be expired. To find your account's unique expiration date click the down arrow next to your name located at the top right corner of the Anthology Dashboard. The expiration date will appear as the last item on the list. 

If your account has expired or has an expiration date before the end of the semester, please submit a help ticket for a renewal at  NOTE: Expired accounts will be renewed on the actual date of expiration.  

CW Expired account

Launching Professional Dispositions Assessments or submitting exams (Candidates)

The instructions and video below will show you how to launch the Professional Dispositions Assessment (PDA/A-PDA). These instructions will also show you how to submit an exam via Anthology.

Please be sure that you have created a portfolio FIRST. If not, please refer to the Quickstart Guide for Students.

If your professor has linked your PDA or your exam in Blackboard then watch the video below:

How to Launch the Professional Dispositions Assessment (PDA) directly from Blackboard

However, if you are launching or submitting directly from the Anthology website, then follow the instructions below:

  • Log into Anthology Anthology login
  • Select My Coursework on the left menu.
  • Click on your portfolio and then click edit.
  • Locate the Professional Dispositions Assessment or A-PDA for Instructors link or the Exam Assessment
  • Click the arrow to the right of the Add Content box
  • Select Text Block
  • TypePlease Assess My Professional Disposition.However if you are submitting content for an exam, enter your exam information. NOTE: Although you are not uploading anything, this step is necessary in order to launch the PDA rubric to your professor or send the exam information to your professor.
  • Click Save
  • Then click Close
  • Click the Blue SUBMIT
  • If necessary, Click the PDA associated with your course and then click continue.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the instructor’s name.
  • Begin typing in the instructor’s last name
  • Once the name appears, click on the instructor’s name. You should see a blue checkmark.
  • Click SUBMIT.

A confirmation page appears letting the candidate know that an email was sent to the course instructor to complete the PDA or view your exam results. 

Deleting Content in Anthology (Candidates and Assessors)