Office of the Controller

Welcome to Office of the Controller!

The Controller's team provides services to the WPUNJ University community, facilitating smooth financial transacting and reporting for faculty and administrators. We ensure compliance with the University's external financial reporting requirements, internal financial policies and procedures, and for the transactional activities of all funds, including grant and tax-exempt bond funds. In addition to management of general accounting, accounts payable, banking and investing, we oversee risk management activities, including insurance policies and the State of New Jersey tort claims process. 

The Office of the Controller website displays pages for the functional areas within the Controller's Office. These pages offer descriptions of our operating functions along with links to relevant forms, policies and procedure documents. The intent of this website is to provide clear communications about how to use our services and to provide user-friendly access to the forms, policies, and procedures necessary to ensure operational efficiency, transparency and compliance in the University's financial transacting and reporting.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries or assistance with our services.

Contact Us

Kirsten Loewrigkeit Vice President of Finance & Administration-CFO 973-720-2839
Glenda Jara Controller 973-720-2845
Kristine Dei Mendoza Associate Controller 973-720-2622
Donna McNerney Administrative Assistant 973-720-2107

General Accounting and Grants Administration

Samantha Green Project Manager 973-720-2839
Tamar Lamour Associate Director, Post-Award Grants Administration 973-720-2533
Anthony Araujo Financial Analyst 973-720-2866
Agatha Majchrzak Financial Analyst 973-720-3551
Gail Pacol Financial Analyst 973-720

Accounts Payable and Payment Services

Alene Ortiz Manager, Accounts Payable 973-720-2868
Renee Laterza Accounts Payable Specialist 973-720-3646
Shirley Roman Accounts Payable Specialist 973-720-2869
Vacant Accounts Payable Specialist 973-720-2726

Office of Student Accounts

Sandra Bembry Director of Student Accounts 973-720-2874
Judy Tsang Assistant Director of Student Accounts 973-720-2876
Irene Arriaga Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2877
Denise Ginyard-Potts Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2235
Karen Odneal Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2677
Jean Priestner Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2875
Trulya Readus Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2878
Vacant Office of Student Accounts 973-720-2879