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Fall 2018 Registration Timetable

Excludes credits in-progress


Days Student Level Semester
April 5 All undergrad students with 106+ credits earned Fall/Summer
April 6 All undergrad students with 95-105.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 9 All undergrad students with 84.5-94.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 10 All undergrad students with 77-84 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 11 All undergrad students with 71-76.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 12 All undergrad students with 61.5-70.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 13 All undergrad students with 50-61 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 16 All undergrad students with 41-49.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 17 All undergrad students with 22-40.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 18 All undergrad students with 16-21.5 credits earned Fall/Summer
April 19 All undergrad students with 0-15.5 credits earned Fall/Summer


Days Grad Level/Program Semester
April 5 Graduate Matriculated Fall/Summer
April 9 Graduate Cert/Endorsement Fall/Summer
April 11 Graduate Postmasters Fall/Summer
April 18 Graduate Non-Degree Fall/Summer


April 19-Sept. 11 (2nd Window) All Students: Undergrad/Grad Fall/Summer

*Registration may be closed periodically.

Spring 2018 Registration Timetable Grad and Undergrad

*Students can register on or after their scheduled date*

Days Grad Level/Program (1st Window)
Nov. 6 GM: Graduate Matriculated Winter/Spring
Nov. 9 GC: Graduate Certificate Winter/Spring
Nov. 14 GT: Post Masters Winter/Spring
Nov. 17 GN: Non-Degree Winter/Spring
Nov. 18 All Graduate Students Winter/Spring

Excludes credits in-progress

Days Student Level Semester
Nov. 6 Students with 105 or more credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 7 Students with 92-104.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 8 Students with 82-91.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 9 Students with 70-81.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 10 Students with 60.5-69.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 13 Students with 52-60 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 14 Students with 33.5-51.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 15 Students with 25-33 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 16 Students with 1-24.5 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 17 Students with 0 credits earned Winter/Spring
Nov. 18 All Students: Graduate/Undergraduate Winter/Spring

For students who did not register on the above dates

Days Student Level Semester
Nov. 28 - Dec. 15 Grad/Undergrad (All Students) Winter 18
Nov. 28 - Jan 23 Grad/Undergrad* Spring 18

*Newly admitted students (Spring 2018) will be able to register as of November 28.

**PLEASE NOTE: Students who register during the late registration window will be assessed a late registration fee of $150.00.

Summer 2018 Registration Timetable

Excludes Credits in-progress


Days Student Level Semester
Feb. 20 All Visiting Students Summer
Feb. 20 All undergrad students with 90 and over credits earned* Summer
Feb. 21 All undergrad students with 77.5-89.5 credits earned* Summer
Feb. 22 All undergrad students with 68.5-77 credits earned* Summer
Feb. 23 All undergrad students with 57.5-68 credits earned* Summer
Feb. 26 All undergrad students with 44-57 credits earned* Summer
Feb. 27 All undergrad students with 23.5-43.5 credits earned* Summer
Feb. 28 All undergrad students with 16-23 credits earned* Summer
Mar. 1 All undergrad students with 0-15.5 credits earned* Summer


Days Grad Level/Program Semester
Feb. 20 Graduate Matriculated Summer
Feb. 20 Graduate Cert/Endorsement Summer
Feb. 20 Graduate Postmasters Summer
Feb. 20 Graduate Non-Degree Summer

*Credits earned Prior to Spring 2018 Semester

For more Information regarding Summer Deadlines, please go to the Summer Calendar.

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