Accessibility Resource Center

In order to fully support Students, Faculty, Staff and Potential Students – the Accessibility Resource Center has put together some information to help facilitate accessibility and provide accommodations in response to COVID-19:

Faculty Resources
Student Resources

WPUNJ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – here you can find up to date information for the entire University Community.

The Mission of the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is to assist students with documented disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations and services that ensures equal access to all programs, activities, and related benefits of the University’s educational and professional programs. 

The Accessibility Resource Center works in collaboration with students to determine appropriate reasonable accommodations based upon the individualized needs of the student.  ARC acts as a resource and works in cooperation with faculty and other university departments.  We strive to empower, support and guide our diverse community in achieving, promoting and fostering independence, self-advocacy and success. 

Accessibility Resource Center is committed to providing access for all students with documented disabilities to all programs, activities and related benefits of the University’s educational and professional programs, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990, as amended in 2008) and applicable state law.