Club Sports

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Club sports provide the opportunity to compete and/or perform as a member of one of our teams- bowling, cheerleading, dance, ice hockey, and rugby.  They are open to any interested, full-time student and, for many, no experience is required, though teams may require tryouts to make the competition team.  While all of our teams have a paid head coach, and many also have assistant coaches, the teams are run by the students through their executive board, providing an opportunity for leadership development and experience in a number of different roles for professional skill development.  To emphasize the importance of academics and character, participants must meet GPA and student conduct standards.  Club sports are primarily funded by team dues and fundraising so participants incur a cost to participate.  However, this helps to support the team’s operations and travel which, for many, has placed them among the top programs in their respective sport and division.  There are opportunities for students to play for the following club sports teams. For more information about clubs and organizations who do not have links listed below, call 973-720-2777.

2021-2022 Composite Schedule for Club Sports

Bowling Cover 

Bowling Team

The bowling team has ranked among the top programs in the country, having won national championships and produced All-Americans.

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Cheerleading Team

The cheerleading team participates in both sideline cheer at the home football games along with competition cheer various tournaments, including the “Reach for the Beach” national competition.

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Dance Team

The dance team performs a full range of styles at sporting events, campus events and has previously participated in competitions.

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Ice Hockey Team

The ice hockey team has a legacy of success- qualifying for the ACHA national tournament nine times and winning the Super East Conference six times. This year the team moved up to ACHA Division 1.

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Rugby Team

The rugby team has been successful competing in 7s and 15s rugby. Recently, they have won a conference championship and participated in the USA Rugby Division 2 national championship tournaments for both 7s and 15s.

*For coaches and team leadership: Club Sports Resources*