Vision, Mission Statement, and Goals (Quality Assurance)

Central to the College of Education’s (COE) Quality Assurance is its vision, mission, and goals, which provide direction and coherence to curriculum design, assessment and clinical experiences that impact all COE stakeholders. 


The College of Education aspires to be a model in the collaborative process of preparing diverse and profession-ready candidates to meet the various needs of all populations served in their roles as teachers, leaders and counselors 

The College of Education Mission Statement 

The College of Education at William Paterson University prepares teachers, leaders, and counselors and serves as a premier resource for diverse communities. Our nationally recognized and accredited programs meet the highest standards of professional preparation. The College creates educational opportunities through collaboration with local, national and global partners. We support student success and academic excellence through inquiry, scholarly work, critical reflection, and ongoing assessment. This collaborative effort demonstrates our belief in establishing a culture of evidence to ensure academic quality to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders (revised fall 2017).


The COE's 18 Competencies/Student Learning Outcomes for initial teacher candidates and the 9 Competencies/Student Learning Outcomes for candidates in advanced programs. These competencies are rooted in professional standards (CAEP, InTASC, NJPST (New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers) and New Jersey Professional Standards for Leaders (NJPSL).  Initial and advanced programs are also guided by the standards of Specialty Professional Associations (SPA).  

Shared Beliefs

Goals: Initial Competencies (SLOs) aligned to Shared Beliefs and Professional Standards

Advanced Competencies (SLOs) aligned to Shared Beliefs and Professional Standards 

COE Educator Continuum