Career and Technical Education Alternate Route Program


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Program Description

The Career and Technical Education Alternate Route Program at WPUNJ offers courses, seminars, and virtual field supervision leading to state certification in a Career and Technical Education area. Applicants to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Alternate Route Program must have a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) in a CTE area or domain from the New Jersey Department of Education. Candidates may fulfill the 50-hour pre-professional course requirement before being accepted to the program. For full acceptance to this alternate route program, candidates must gain employment as a full-time CTE Teacher of Record in the area corresponding with their CE. This 350-hour, two-year program is offered in an online format which means that candidates from all areas of New Jersey can attend without traveling to campus. Throughout the program, seminar instructors provide ongoing coaching through virtual observations, opportunities for reflection and discussion.

Application Deadline

50-Hour Pre-Professional Seminar for Career and Technical Education  

(a 50-hour pre-professional course is required for all alternate route candidates; P-3 50-hour pre-professional course is not accepted for the CTE Alternate Route Program) (Please email David Ferrier at about availability of 50-hour course for previous 24-hour course completers) 

Current course runs 9/7/2021 - 11/28/2021

Rolling admissions through November 1, 2021.

Please follow the link below to register for the current 50-hour course at WPU:

*Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis 
CTE Alternate Route Program

September 3, 2021: Fall semester 
January 9, 2022: Spring semester 
*Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis 

Contact Us

David Ferrier 

Phone: 973-720-6214


Program Admission Requirements

For admission to the program, candidates must: 

  • Provide a NJDOE Certificate of Eligibility (CE) for Career and Technical Education (CTE). For more information on the requirements for a CE in CTE, see: 
  • Provide verification of full-time employment as a CTE Teacher of Record in the area corresponding with your CE, or a letter of a promise of full-time employment with a start date within the first semester of classes.  
  • Successfully complete the College of Education DAP Group Interview.  

To begin the program, candidates: 

  • *Complete a 50-hour pre-professional course/experience (at WPU, this is a zero-credit, fee-based course). 

*Can be taken prior to or during the first semester 

General Information for Applicants: 

  • The CTE Alternate Route Program is a non-credit program. 
  • All courses are held online. 
  • Students can complete courses in two years. 
  • Students can begin the 50-hour pre-professional course while they are awaiting their CE but must obtain a CE and proof of employment to begin the CTE Alternate Route Program. 
  • After successful completion of this program candidates are provided with Verification of Completion for Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CEEPP) form upon request.