Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is committed to helping students grow and develop personally, intellectually and professionally. Whether it is a time in your life when you are exploring something new or whether you are coping with an acute or chronic difficulty that may be getting in the way of your education, there are professional staff in our offices who can help you. 

Learning when and how to access available resources – either to enhance your educational efforts, or for help in overcoming obstacles to achieving your personal and professional goals – is an important part of student development and out-of-class learning.  We hope this is an essential part of the education you gain at William Paterson University.  Practicing that skill now, whether by arranging regular annual physicals, utilizing career development resources each year you are here, or utilizing any of our many campus resources, will better prepare you for life beyond college.

If you are not sure where to turn for help at William Paterson University, please contact me and I am happy to meet with you personally, or connect you with the right person to assist you.  All of us at William Paterson University look forward to helping you succeed in your educational efforts.


      Dr. Eileen Lubeck
      Dean of Students