Advising at a distance does not need to be a barrier, and we have prepared this guide to help you be prepared to do it well! Your advisor also has guidance as shown under the Faculty & Advisor Resources link that is next to the Student Resources link that got you here. If you need help with remote access resources such as connectivity and being ready for your classes, Click Here.

You may or may not have heard from your advisor yet. As you might guess, they’ve been very busy getting their courses ready. If you haven’t heard from them, drop them an email to say hello and that you stand ready to take your directions from them on how to arrange a time to meet virtually. They will guide you as to whether you would do it via phone or via a virtual online meeting. If the latter, they will explain how to do it. If you are not sure who your advisor is, do this:

  • Log into WPConnect

  • Click the "Self-Service" tab.

  • Look at the Advisement box in the top left corner.

  • Locate your advisor's name.

Some advisors may do it via email, others via a scheduler system. Follow their directions.

Do your homework in advance to make the conversation as efficient and effective as possible:

Be on time. If for some reason you are unexpectedly delayed, email your advisor. If rescheduling proves needed, be as flexible as you can. Your advisor is juggling other advisees. Come to the session with your computer open to your degree evaluation page so you can both be looking at it during the advising session. Be ready to register right then as directed by your advisor (and who will provide you your PIN), if priority registration is open to you at that moment. In addition, don’t hesitate to bring up what some of your other needs may be. For example, they can assist and/or direct you to the right place on financial matters, counseling support concerns, and academic support issues among others, all available at a distance!

They are there to help you. Expressing your appreciation matters. Follow-up with your advisor if/as needed. Let them know how you are doing.

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