Introduction to the Degree Works Audit

Introduction to the Degree Works Audit

To view your audit, log into WPConnect and click on My Progress (Degree Evaluation) in the My Academic Records section of the Students tab.

Your degree evaluation is organized into several sections:

Your Student Information

  • The top header section will display basic information including your name, ID and major.  The last time your audit was run is displayed as well.  Your degree audit refreshes nightly so be sure to click on “Process New” to ensure you have the most recent information.
  • The left column of the Student View section contains your advisor information. The middle column includes your major, minor and degree information. The last column displays the hours already completed (earned hours) as well as transfer information, if applicable.
  • Test Scores displays next and includes foundation placements and other tests related to your major. Any Early Alert information for the current semester will display to the right of Test Scores.

Overall Degree Requirements

  • A Degree Progress bar will indicate your progress toward completing all degree requirements. It will display 100% when you have completed all requirements.
  • Degree Requirements appear next and displays a summary of all requirements needed to complete your degree.  When they all have a green check mark next to them, it will mean all of the requirements have been fulfilled.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

  • The University Core Curriculum sections display the UCC requirements for your specific major.  The six areas of UCC are displayed as individual areas and you will see the required courses for each area.  Clicking on the attribute link will list the courses that fulfill the requirement and what semesters the courses will be offered.
  • The UCC section also includes the Writing Intensive and Technology Intensive requirements.
  • The university’s World Language requirement section will also display, if required.

Major Requirements

  • The next section will display your Major Requirements. As with all of the other requirements, green checks indicate that the requirement is complete while a red box indicates that the requirement still needs to be taken.
  • If you have a second major and it is the same degree as your first (B.A. for both majors) it will be displayed under your first major.  If you have 2 majors and they are different degrees (B.A. for the first and B.S for the second) you will need to run one audit for each major.

Other Course Sections

  • Lastly will be three sections:
    • Free Electives: Courses listed here apply to the required 120 credits, but do not fulfill specific requirements.
    • Grades Not Applicable to Degree: Courses listed here are those in which a successful grade was not received (ex: WD or F grades.)
    • In-progress: Courses in which you are currently enrolled.  These can also be in a future term as well as the current one.

At both the bottom and left side of the evaluation, you will find a legend that will help you interpret the symbols found throughout the audit.

Please explore the other links at the top of your audit, such as “History”, “Look Ahead”, and “What-if,” especially if you are considering a new major.  Finally, always check the “notes” tab at the top of your audit in case your advisor has left any notes that you should read.

Be sure to contact your advisor if any questions.


4/7/2015  Office of the Registrar