University Core Curriculum

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University Core Curriculum (the Core) is William Paterson University's general education program that gives you the flexibility to customize your undergraduate academic experience by selecting from a broad range of courses in six areas of study. The Core is designed to let you explore a variety of fields and disciplines, connect these courses with your major, and become a well-educated citizen, both locally and globally.

CORE Areas Credits
Area 1 Personal Well Being 3
Area 2A Expression: Arts and Communication 3
Area 2B Expression: Writing 3
Area 2C Expression: Literature 3
Area 3A Ways of Knowing: Philosophical Perspectives 3
Area 3B Ways of Knowing: Historical Perspectives 3
Area 3C Ways of Knowing: Social Science (2 Courses) 6
Area 3D Ways of Knowing: Scientific Perspectives 4
Area 3E Ways of Knowing: Quantitative 3
Area 4 Diversity & Justice 3
Area 5 Community & Civic Engagement 3
Area 6 Global Awareness 3
Total Credits 40

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