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A journey is always more enjoyable with knowledgeable guides, and the Advisement services at William Paterson University supports you with different kinds of advisors who understand and appreciate where you are and where you hope to go.

  • Your faculty advisor—a professor who will get to know you as a student and a person so s/he can help you choose courses in the future. Faculty advisors work primarily with students who have declared a major and have earned 30 or more credits.
  • Professional advisors in the Academic Advisement Center and within the 5 Colleges provide resources and referrals to help you succeed and graduate on time. Professional advisors work with students who have under 30 earned credits. Undeclared students work with Advisement Center advisors and those who have declared a major work with the Professional Academic advisors within the colleges. Please see the list below.
  • Current and former students serve as peer leaders and are available daily in the Advisement Center, Raubinger Hall, Room 140. Peer leaders work closely with academic advisors and directors of academic success offices to plan and execute programs that expose you to all that WP offers.
  • Academic Advisement Center, New Student Experience and Sophomore/Junior Experience, help exploratory students who are between majors, and work to offer workshops that assist with time management, student success and connect you to valuable resources across campus.
  • Transfer Student Experience, helps transfer and readmitted students who are undeclared, to explore majors and assimilate into their new environment.

The more you and your advisor work together, the more effective your academic advising will be! 

 Advisement Center


Tashia Burton

Raubinger 140



Ceasar Castro

Raubinger 140



O’Mari Lockhart

Raubinger 140




 Main #





College Advisors


Rey Martinez

Hobart Hall 216



Marshal Coles

VR 4046



Lynne Orr

VR 3104


Humanities and Social Sciences

Deborah Sheffield

Atrium 265


Science and Health

Stephanie Kuran

Science East 3038