Pioneer Exploratory Community


The Pioneer Exploratory Community, housed in the Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center, is a supportive network of William Paterson University students who have not yet declared a major or who are transitioning between majors.  Through engaging one-on-one advisement practices, small group reflection sessions, exploratory workshops and large-scale events, students in the Pioneer Exploratory Community are connected with staff, faculty and community members who are committed to helping students connect with their best fit academic paths. 


The Pioneer Exploratory Community serves to:

  1. Assist students in exploring and familiarizing themselves with the full range of academic majors offered at William Paterson University.
  2. Connect students with academic departments and partner offices to provide opportunities to expand their knowledge of academic majors in order to aid in the decision making process.
  3. Recognize that the academic decision making process is unique to each individual, and in doing so, offer several high impact practices to address the needs of individual students such as through advisement meetings, small group sessions, workshops and large scale events.
  4. Provide open avenues of communication with students and their support systems during all stages of the decision making process.

Facilitate goal setting for major declaration in order to assist exploratory students in being committed to staying on track for timely and cost effective degree completion.

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Major and Career Exploration Websites

How to choose a Major/Minor Majors and Minors | William Paterson University (


For more information about the Pioneer Exploratory Community please contact:

Deborah Kane Sheffield
Professional Academic Advisor
Coordinator of the Pioneer Exploratory Community


Are you an incoming student who is still exploring majors?  More information about the Pioneer Exploratory Community can be found here: Pioneer Exploratory Flyer