Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook

The Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook represents a compilation and condensation of governing language with respect to University policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to faculty and professional staff members.  It is intended for general information purposes only.  Administrative actions and policy determinations should be premised upon primary documents and consultations  with the appropriate personnel.  

Nothing in this handbook is intended to create a promise or grant any contractual rights to any employee or third party.  Furthermore, this handbook  is not a contract or an implied contract of employment and is subject to change by the Administration, without prior notice. This handbook replaces and supersedes all prior handbooks or prior versions or interpretations of the information contained herein.  For additional information, consult the appropriate collective  bargaining agreement provisions or the Office of Human Resources.

Faculty members wishing to access information related to Teaching Support, Research Support, and Grants Support, please visit the following link :