Sabbatical Leaves and Professional Staff Development Leaves

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Faculty and Librarians

All faculty members and librarians, who, as of June 30th, prior to the year for which leave is requested, have completed a period of six or more consecutive years of service, are eligible to make application for a sabbatical leave. For example, if your appointment date is 09/01/2020, you would be eligible to apply for a sabbatical on or after 09/01/2026 for an award effective AY 2027-28. Sabbatical leaves are granted no more frequently than once every seven years. The application is posted on the HR website link above.

The application form must be received by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs with the required signatures by the date indicated for the sabbatical leaves for the subsequent academic year. A current curriculum vita must be provided with the application.

While on sabbatical leave, a faculty member retains his/her right to vote. All faculty members on sabbatical leave are encouraged to devote their primary efforts toward the purposes for which the sabbatical was awarded. However, they may voluntarily engage in essential committee work for the department, college or university. Participation and voting in these committees are subject to the same responsibilities and rules as for all faculty.

The above statements should be interpreted to mean:

  • All participation is voluntary.
  • Rules for voting will follow established university policy, procedures and/or department by-laws.
  • Committees include but are not limited to curriculum and personnel.

The Sabbatical Leave Program is governed by the provisions of Article XXVII of the Agreement between the State of New Jersey and the Council of New Jersey State College Locals, NJSFT-AFT, AFL-CIO. 

Professional Staff Development Leave

In addition to participating in the Career Development Program full-time professional staff may make application for paid leave of up to one semester for the purpose of personal development aimed at improving professional skills mutually beneficial to the University and the employee. These leaves shall be funded at three-quarters (3/4) salary. 

After consultation with the Local Union, the University will publish the criteria for the standards by which the proposals will be reviewed and approved.

Each applicant will submit a written proposal to the appropriate supervisor, who will review it and make a recommendation to the unit director. The director will in turn submit the supervisor’s recommendation and the director’s own independent recommendations to the President or designee thereof, who may approve or disapprove the proposal, or accept it in modified form.