Career Development and Tuition Waiver Programs

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All faculty, librarians and professional staff included in the AFT bargaining unit are eligible to participate in the Career Development and Tuition Reimbursement Programs. 

Employees who have not received reappointment conferring tenure or a multi- year contract may apply to the CDC for career development assistance provided that they have received reappointment for the year following their application and provided that they are only eligible for assistance which is compatible with the limited nature of their reappointment.

A University-wide Career Development Committee will be elected to consider career development proposals and tuition reimbursement applications.  This committee will make its recommendations to the President regarding the allocation of available funds.

Faculty and professional staff who are interested in receiving tuition reimbursement for approved summer, fall or spring courses completed or to be completed during the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) should submit applications on the appropriate form to the Career Development Committee c/o Office of the Associate Vice President and Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.  Tuition Reimbursement Applications are available online at: . Course work may not be reimbursed unless the course is completed and grades received prior to June 30, the end of the current fiscal year in which the courses were taken.  In order to secure reimbursement, employees must satisfactorily complete the course and submit written proof of payment of tuition.  This documentation should not be submitted with the application but must be provided to the Business Services Office before funds will be disbursed.

An application form used to apply for career development assistance is available online at: Proposals for career development assistance should be substantial and detailed with emphasis upon ways in which the project will enhance professional employment. 

Tuition reimbursement applications and career development proposals must be submitted by March 1.  Send all applications and proposals to the Career Development Committee c/o the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs by the appropriate deadline.

Only projects completed in the current fiscal year may be funded from the current fiscal year.  Disbursement of Career Development/Tuition Reimbursement funds may not be made without proper documentation (receipts, etc.) as may be required by the University Business Services office.

For further information regarding the Career Development and Tuition Reimbursement programs, please visit:

Rev. 8/09