Banner Information

The Banner Program financial Charge Back system became effective July 1st, 2004. Effective that date all WPU authorized outgoing USPS mail must be accompanied by a
Green POSTAGE CHARGEBACK TICKET bearing the sending Department Name,
and corresponding 14 digit Banner Code consisting of the Fund (six digits), Organization (six digits) and the Program (two digits). The Ticket may be affixed to single pieces with a paper clip, bundles of mail with a rubber band, and in the case of buckets/trays the ticket may be laid on top of each bucket/tray of mail.

Use of the WPU Mail Processing Center's postal services is for University business mail only. The WPU Mail Processing Center's supervisor will determine what constitutes legitimate use of the University's mail system. All users of the WPU Postal Services must be assigned a 14 digit Banner Code for Charge back purposes.

WHO may use the WPU Postal Services:

  • Currently employed administrators, faculty and staff.
  • Adjunct and Emeriti Professors
  • Student organizations registered with Student Services