What Services Does The MPC Offer?
We offer envelope sealing, metering, and computer generated mail processing. We also offer customized discount bulk mailing services for certain types of mail. Additionally, we process UPS, DHL Express and Federal Express services.

·What Time Do I Have To Have My Mail At The MPC For It To Be Processed That Day?
Outbound mail collected during the day will be processed for delivery to the U.S. Postal Service at 2:30 p.m. To receive prompt service, please try to meet the dispatch time.

What Should I Do If I Change My Address On Campus?
An internal change location must be acted upon promptly. As soon as you learn of your new location and mail stop, send a note or fax a memo to the MPC at extension 2854, or e-mail your request to Gerard LeComte or Myrtle Teichmann. Please indicate the new and old mail stop locations and the extension number.

How Much Notice Do I Have To Give The MPC If I Have A Large Mailing Project?
Before any large mailing gets too far into the planning stage, include the MPC's Manager in your planning process. We can be of assistance to you to ensure that your mailing project is cost effective, efficient, and timely. At the very least, we require 72 hours advance notice, in order, to insure all the proper personnel, equipment, etc. are available.

If I Have A Letter Or Package That Is Particularly Important, Are There Any Special Services Available To Ensure Its Safety?
Accountable mail includes all Certified, Registered, Insured and Overnight Courier mail. Contact your MPC representative to see which service would be most appropriate for your situation. Questions on critical mail should be brought to the attention of a Mail Processing Representative at extension 2370. Questions on critical mail should be brought to the attention of a Mail Processing Center representative at extension 2370. Critical Mail must be packaged properly and be accompanied by the necessary paperwork before sending it to the Mail Processing Center. Supplies are available at extension 3368.