University Mailing Services


Services or material offered by the Mail Processing Center include,
but are not limited to:

  • Act as consultants to departments in reviewing mail pieces to reduce postage costs, processing time and improve delivery.
  • Process all incoming/outgoing/interoffice mail for the University.
  • Offer delivery of mail for all departments. Additional pickups can be arranged based on need and/or volume. If additional pickup is needed, please call the Mail Processing Center at ext. 3368 or 3375.
  • Coordinate bulk mailing with departments to meet their mailing needs.
  • Provide cost estimates for processing outgoing mail.
  • Provide assistance to faculty, staff, administrators, and students in meeting their personal mailing needs.
  • All mail is delivered daily. There is no mail service on weekends, Holidays or Fridays during the four day work week.
  • Consult and coordinate with mailers on mailing requirements.
    In addition to the regular mailing services offered by the U.S. Postal Services, the University's Mail Processing Center, offers the following additional services to the University's campus community:

The State of New Jersey has contracted with UPS as the primary provider of courier services.
The following services are available:

· Next Day Air
· Two Day Air
· Three Day Air
· Ground
· Saturday Delivery
· Tracking Ability

The following services are available:

· Overnight Express International Express Saturday Delivery [additional fees apply]
· Overnight Express
· International
· Express Saturday Delivery [additional fees apply]
· Tracking Ability

The following services are available:

· Priority Overnight
· Standard Overnight
· First Overnight
· International
· Saturday Delivery [additional fees apply]
· Tracking Ability

An organization must have a permit registered with the United States Postal Service under the special non-profit qualifications to do any mailings at the non-profit rate. The University's Mail Processing Center finances and maintains the postage dollars in its USPS permit account to process WPU's non-profit mail. Gerard LeComte CMDSM is the University's official mail representative for William Paterson University's non-profit status established in association with the permit and to legally protect the University's interests.

Printing WPU's permit on a mail piece for mailing purposes requires the mailing costs to be processed and reviewed by the University's Mail Processing Center. [USE OF CAMPUS MAIL SERVICES]

Campus mail services are provided to support activities directly related to university business. It may not be used for such activities as "chain" letters, solicitation of funds to support religious activities, endorsing political candidates or requesting funds for their support, or the distribution of advertising notices for activities or products not a part of the normal function of the University. Questions or concerns regarding whether or not specific campus mail meets the criteria as official University business may be directed to: Gerard Le Comte CMDSM, Supervisor, The Mail Processing Center - ext. 3375.