Shuttle Bus Transportation

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This is a free GPS tracking app that provides a real-time vehicle location map for the shuttle route.

How does the system work?

Each bus is equipped with a GPS unit that uses cell tower technology to send exact coordinate positions of the bus to our web page and our mobile site.

Is there an app for this?

Access the links / QR codes above or go to iTunes or the Android Marketplace and search for “WPU Shuttle”.

Why does the driver have a tablet in the bus?

The tablet is enabled to send the GPS signal for the tracking system. The driver is also using software on the tablet to count the number of students, faculty and staff getting on or off the bus at a particular stop. This data tells us what stops and times are the most popular for riders, which is helpful when we consider modifications to the service schedule. The driver can only use the passenger counting software on the tablet; it is locked for all other use so as not to provide a distraction that would interfere with the safety of the riders and the driver.