Online Work Request

 All WPU personnel must enter their work request into our Megamation Online Work Request System. If you do not have a User ID and Password to access the Megamation Online System, please have your Department Head/Supervisor send an email to Rakeisha Vinales in the Physical Plant Operations (PPO) Office for access. The email must include the following information:

  • Employee's full name and email address
  • Employee’s title
  • Employee’s department and building

The PPO Office will process your request, and email your User ID and Password to you along with the link to the online form and instructions on entering a work request.

Note: If an employee was approved to enter work requests in one department, and has move to another department, you are required to notify the PPO Office so as to update your department and building.


  • You can now complete a Request for an Engraved Plastic Sign fill-in form, print it, and fax the completed form to the Physical Plant Operations Department.  

  • Please click the below link and enter your information. 

Request for an Engraved Plastic Sign Fill-in Form  -  Fax printed copy to 973-720-2493

Megamation/Work Order Inquiries 

Ext. 2142 

Rakeisha Vinales
Physical Plant Operations Office Manager
Ext. 3247