Unit Name

Automotive (Garage)


Provides repairs and maintenance service on all of the university's vehicles and ground equipment.


 Rich Kopack
 Crew Supervisor

Carpenters, masons & locksmiths in this department are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of doors, windows, screens, floors, ceiling, roofs, sidewalks, curbs, steps, showers, etc. The locksmith repairs and replaces locks, cuts keys and attends to emergencies. The department also fabricates and installs building and room signage.

Custodial Services 

Fengai Mbayo

Custodial Mgr

Strives to maintain the optimum level of cleanliness, safety and productivity in all campus buildings and facilities.


 Andrew Burgoyne
 Crew Supervisor

Involved in the installation, inspection, repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment & circuits. Also responsible for the maintenance and installation of interior and exterior lighting.

Facilities Management Office

 Rakeisha Vinales
 Office Mgr.

Central point of communication between the campus community and Physical Plant Operations. Provides facilities services to the University community and its 46 buildings. The staff is responsible for dispatching work request information to the appropriate area where a professional will provide immediate attention if required. The office receives approximately 70 calls per day and processes 800 plus work orders per month. During utility interruptions, this office is the point of contact for the University.

Fire Safety

 Jerry Petrullo
 Senior Inspector

The Senior Fire & Safety Inspector plans and conducts inspections of buildings for compliance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) and Uniform Fire Safety Code of NJ. The Inspector also ensures that exit, emergency signs, fire extinguishers, sprinklers standpipe and fire alarm system are maintained properly, and comply with Fire and Safety Code requirements.

Grounds & Recycling

 Keith McNie
 Crew Supervisor

The grounds keeping staff is responsible for lawn care, flowers & shrub maintenance, litter and refuse pickup (regular trash & recyclable). Snow and ice removal to ensure the clean up and salting of campus roads, parking lots, stairs and walkways to maintain an accessible and safe campus environment. Minor road maintenance such as pothole repairs, removal of debris and sweeping of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. Responsible of preparation and maintenance of athletic fields.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)



Committed to provide a comfortable climate controlled environment to the University community. Responsible for the repairs and maintenance of HVAC equipment/systems which are monitored year round through Energy Management System, also a great tool to conserve energy.

Mail Processing Center

Raymond Boone            



Provides effective and efficient mail services to approximately 152 department's campus wide. Offers assistance in all aspects of mail processing such as domestic and international mail handling, parcel service, expedited mail and inter office correspondence.


 Frank Agrelo

 Crew Supervisor

Performs scheduled painting of interior and exterior campus buildings on a continuous rotation basis to keep them in excellent condition. This department is also responsible for completing work requests for our customers and striping of parking lots and roads as needed.



 Gary Kasper
 Crew Supervisor

Responsible for installation, repair and maintenance of hot and cold water lines, steam and condensate lines, drinking fountains, sewer, drains, sinks, showers, toilets, hot water heaters, etc. Attend to emergencies such as clogged toilets, sinks, drains & waste lines.

Storeroom/Warehouse Services



Services include: asset management, pick up obsolete equipment for recycling, move furniture to and from storage. Delivery of paper supplies, printed materials and new computers. Facilitation of shredding process for outdated files.