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Answers to Commonly-Asked Questions in Psychology

Q. What is the University Core Curriculum?

A. The UCC is WPU's new general education program. You can find out the details by visiting the UCC webpage.


Q. Can I take summer courses at a community college and then transfer the credits to WPU?

A. You may transfer up to 60 credits from a community college or 90 credits from a 4-year university; once you have 60 credits (counting both WPU and community college courses) then you may not transfer credits to WPU. See the WPU student handbook.


 Q. How do I register for more than 16 credits?

A. From the undergraduate catalog: "Students completing 128 credits in eight (8) semesters require an average load of 16 credits per semester, although up to 19 credits in some major programs may be carried without special approval. Registration for more than this number of credits per semester is permitted only under unusual circumstances and requires high academic standing and written approval of the student’s advisor, department chairperson, and the appropriate dean."


 Q. How can I improve my GPA?

A. You may wish to retake courses in which you received low grades. See the course repeat policy and also the GPA calculator.


 Q. How do I apply for graduation?

A. Log into WPConnect, click on the self-service tab, and then click on the “Apply for Graduation” link.