Opportunities to Explore: Study Abroad, Internship, Honors…

The Honors Program

Students can be admitted directly into the Honors College based on admission criteria. However, students can also apply for admission into the Honors College after arriving on campus. Please see the program website for full details.


There are three Honors tracks in the Psychology department. Please follow the provided links for full details.

      Social Science


              Director: Dr. Neil Kressel (Kresseln@wpunj.edu)

      Cognitive Science


              Director: Dr. Amy Learmonth (learmontha@wpunj.edu)

      Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology


              Director: Dr. Bruce Diamond (diamondb@wpunj.edu)                                                                                                               

Study Abroad Program

The Study Abroad program affords students the opportunity to take courses overseas, with the approval of the department chair. This opportunity has the potential to expand a student’s worldview by exposing them to other cultures. Interested students should review the program website for full details. https://www.wpunj.edu/cie/programs/

Director: Cinzia Richardson: (Richardsonc@wpunj.edu 973-720-2976)

Pesce Family Mentoring Institute

The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute individually matches students with Mentors to help them prepare for their careers.  Students must have a declared major and be a sophomore, junior or senior (with at least one year left) and be willing to communicate with their mentor on a monthly basis for two semesters.  Mentors are alumni, community partners or adjunct faculty that are willing to volunteer their time to coach a college student on his or her career once-a-month for an academic year.  Interested individuals should review the program website and apply www.wpunj.edu/wpmentoring.

Coordinator: Debbie Feingold (FEINGOLDD@wpunj.edu  973-720-2385)

Internship Course (Psy 4650).

Through work in an appropriate supervised placement setting, students are provided an opportunity to apply their knowledge of psychology in various employment settings. It is an excellent way to test-drive a desired career. Completion of Psy 2030 is a requirement for this course. Students must meet with the professor prior to signing up for the course. Internship is strongly recommended for all students.

Director: Dr. Robin Nemeroff (nemeroffr@wpunj.edu 973-720-2249)

Research Lab (Psy 4040)

This course gives a student the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member on a research project that can be focused on the student’s area of interest, e.g., social, developmental, clinical, or cognitive. Completion of Psy 2030 is a requirement for this course. Interested students should do a course search to see which sections are available in a given semester. Research lab is strongly recommended for students with graduate school aspirations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Please review this website for available scholarship opportunities: