How to access Degree Works:

  • Sign in to WPConnect,
  • Go to “Student” tab
  • Under “My Degree” click on “Degree Works”

Requirements with green check marks have been completed; and those with open check boxes have not yet been completed.  

Walk in May Eligibility

A student with a few outstanding degree requirements is eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony if they can complete the remaining requirements over the summer. Note that the maximum number of credits a student can take over the summer is 14.

Students who wish to pursue this option must apply for August graduation, enroll in the outstanding courses, and submit a formal request to the dean’s office for permission to walk in May.

To request permission, go to WPConnect à  Student tab à Graduation à  August Candidates: Request to walk in May Commencement.

PIN Retrieval

Once a student has registered for classes in a given semester, they can find that semester’s PIN by going to WPConnect à Student tab à My Registration à My Registration Status & Permits. The PIN will be among the details displayed on this page.