Program Requirements

The B. A. in Psychology requires the completion of 120 credits of course work, including University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements and Psychology program requirements. The Psychology major is a 38-credit major, with 29 credits in core requirements and 9 credits in elective requirements.

The minimum GPA requirement in the major is 2.0.

The curriculum control worksheet lays out all the requirements for the B. A. in Psychology in a format that makes it easy for students to track their progress towards degree completion.

Curriculum Worksheet

Important Prerequisite Information

  • General Psychology (Psy 1100) is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses.
  • In addition to general psychology, Applied Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 1140) OR Human Biology (Bio 1200) is a prerequisite for Physiological Psych (Psy 3530).
  • In addition to general psychology, a college-level math course is a prerequisite for Applied Statistics (Psy 2020). Any college-level math course is acceptable, but the department recommends Elementary Statistics (Math 1300).
  • Students must complete Applied Statistics (Psy 2020) before they can take Research Methods (Psy 2030).
  • Students must complete Applied Statistics (Psy 2020), History and Systems of Psychology (Psy 2300), and Physiological Psychology (Psy 3530) before they can take Seminar in Psychology (Psy 4800), which is the capstone course.

Given the sequencing described above, students are strongly encouraged to take the math and biology courses as early in their college career as possible to avoid being delayed in taking core psychology courses (Psy 2020 and Psy3530), which could potentially delay their degree completion.

UCC Requirements

Students must select courses from approved lists for the various UCC Areas. To find UCC course lists, go to, click on “Core Courses”, and then click on the relevant sub area heading to expand the list. Alternatively, directly from Degree Works, click on the "with attribute..." hyperlink next to each UCC area; the relevant list will pop up.

Note: There are psychology courses on some UCC Area lists that, when completed, will also meet psychology elective requirements.

UCC Area 1: Personal Wellbeing

Psy 1200 (Evidence-Based Living)

 UCC Area 3: Ways of Knowing: Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Psy 1100 (General Psychology)

Psy 2520 (Evolutionary Basis of Human Behavior)

UCC Area 4: Diversity and Justice

       Psy 3680 (Latinx Psychology)

UCC Area 5: Community and Civic Engagement

Psy 3450 (Community Psychology)

Psy 3830 (Substance Abuse)

UCC Area 6: Global Awareness

Psy 3650 (Cross-cultural Psychology)

UCC Writing Intensive and Technology Intensive Requirements

Note that psychology students will meet these two requirements between what is required in the UCC (two English writing intensive courses) and what is required in the major.

Required writing intensive courses in the major:

Psy 2030 (Research Methods)

Psy 4800 (Seminar in Psychology)

Required technology intensive courses in the major: 

Psy 2020 (Applied Statistics)

Psy 2030 (Research Methods)

Transfer Students with AA degrees

Students transferring into WPU from New Jersey community colleges, with their AA degrees completed, do not have to complete University Core Curriculum requirements; these requirements are waived for them. The only exceptions would be UCC courses that serve as graduation requirements (two semesters of a foreign language) or as prerequisites for psychology courses (General Psychology, a college level math course, and either Applied Anatomy and Physiology or Human Biology).  Any student who does not transfer in these requirements will have to complete them at WPU. Any student who transfers in a different biology course should bring this to the attention of their WPU advisor.

Curriculum Worksheet – For Transfer Students With an Associate’s Degree