About the Success Center

The Academic Success Center works collaboratively with members of the University to tailor and cater to the needs of the student population. At our facility, students receive both one-on-one, and group-oriented tutoring assistance for a wide range of lower-level and upper-level courses; as well as for developmental skills for mathematics and reading courses. Students can make the Academic Success Center a home to hone their skills. Academic workshops are facilitated to help students develop effective study skills for lifelong learning. From the Center's lab, students may access network computer facilities. Study groups, and exam review sessions are also available upon request.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Success Center is to facilitate the accessibility to academic resources that addresses both cognitive and developmental needs of the diverse student body.  In an environment conducive to lifelong learning, the Center supports the academic goals and objectives of both students and faculty. The Center's services strive to maintain and exceed high academic standards.

Office Information

Office Location:

Cheng Library Room 111B

Phone: 973-720-2563/3324