Bachelor of Science Programs

The Cotsakos College of Business provides a state-of-the-art curriculum which embraces competencies in business fields and a strong liberal education to prepare students for the complex, diverse, and changing 21st century.

1) University Core Curriculum (the Core) is William Paterson University's general education program that gives students the flexibility to customize their undergraduate academic experience by selecting from a broad range of courses in six areas of study. The Core is designed to let students explore a variety of fields and disciplines, connect these courses with their major, and become well-educated citizens, both locally and globally.

2) World Language Requirement.  In keeping with William Paterson University’s mission to graduate students who embody “active involvement in a multicultural world,” all students are required to demonstrate competency in a language other than English, either by 1) completing up to six (6) credits of a foreign language (or American Sign Language), or 2) by demonstrating, via a test, intermediate proficiency in the selected language.

3) Common Business Core.  It is important that all business majors at the Cotsakos College of Business have both the breadth and depth of knowledge to compete in today’s global business environment.  Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Business must complete a 39 credit common program of study in addition to their major requirements.

4) Major Requirements.  Competency within a business discipline requires deep, sustained and focused study.  The Cotsakos College of Business builds upon the diversity of the metropolitan region to prepare students for successful careers in their chosen field.  Our programs incorporate academic excellence, experiential education and professional enrichment, and are supported by the applied research of its faculty.

The Curriculum at a Glance

(For degree requirments for students who first enrolled prior to Fall 2012, please see your academic advisor.)

Courses designated (TI) or (WI) also fulfill the University's Technology Intensive and Writing Intensive requirements.



Cotsakos College of Business Specific UCC Requirements


ENG 1100, College Writing (WI)
ENG 1500, Experiences in Literature (WI)
MATH 1170, Business Math OR MATH 1160, Precalculus OR MATH 1600, Calculus I
ECON 2010, Macroeconomic Principles


One major course designated as Area 6 counts in both UCC & Major Requirements


Plus an additional 25 credits from University Core Curriculum





All students are required to demonstrate competency in a language other than English, either by completing up to 6 credits of a foreign language (or ASL), or by demonstrating, via a test, intermediate proficiency in the selected language.  See "The World Language Requirement" page for details



III.  COMMON BUSINESS CORE (All Business Majors)
(Does not apply to B.A. degree in Economics)


ACCT 2110, Financial Accounting
ACCT 2120, Managerial Accounting
ECON 2020, Microeconomic Principles
ECON 2100, Business Statistics I
ECON 2110, Business Statistics II
MGT majors may substitute MGT 2110, Business Stats for Managers
FIN 3200, Corporate Finance
LAW 2010, Legal Environment of Business
ACCT majors must substitute LAW 2510, Contracts
MGT 2000, Principles of Management
MKT 2100, Principles of Marketing
MGT 3550, Values, Ethics and Sustainability (WI)
MGT 4310, Production and Operations Management
MGT 4600, Business Strategy and Policy


Technology/Information Systems
ACCT majors: ACCT 3200, Accounting Information Systems (TI)
FIN, FINP and GLB majors: FIN 4450, Finance Information Systems (TI)
MGT & MKT majors: MGT 3050, Management Information Systems (TI)
PS majors: RPS 3200, Sales Information Systems (TI) or MGT 3050 (TI)






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This is an estimate of available electives. Choose courses only with the help of your academic advisor.

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