The Tutoring Lab

Tutoring SessionThe Cotsakos College of Business Tutoring Lab is located at the Valley Road Campus in room 3048 and is here to assist students with Accounting, Economics, Business Math, Business Statistics, Corporate Finance and Product/Operation Management. We also provide guided study for our MBA Lower Core courses in the late afternoon. For assistance with other courses, please visit the Academic Success Center.  All of our tutors are upper division or MBA students with demonstrated expertise in one or more of these subjects and can assist with:

  • One-to-One tutoring
  • Study Group Facilitation
  • Support and Encouragement

Come in with your study group or do your homework independently with the assurance that there is somebody available to assist if you need help.

Librarian Help @ Valley Road!

Visit during weekly office hours for help finding information, evaluating information, navigating the library's resources, refining a topic, or citing your paper. View business library office hours

Get in-person assistance with research assignments every Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 in Valley Road Room 3044!  If you can't make it during our Valley Road hours, you can call the library reference desk at (973) 720-2116.  Live chat is also available 24/7 over the web at the library's HOME PAGE and click "Chat with Us."

What tutors CAN do:

Help with:

  • Managerial & Financial Accounting
  • Business Math & Business Statistics
  • Macro & Micro Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Product/Operation Management
  • Most MBA Lower Core / MBA Pathway courses.
  • Reinforce class concepts (Examples: Supply and Demand, Financial Statements, etc.)
  • GENERAL QUESTIONS about homework. Come prepared with your book so we can find a similar problem to work on from the book.
  • Go over in class assignments or assignments that are ALREADY GRADED.

What tutors CANNOT do:

  • Help with most upper division classes (unless listed above). Please contact your course instructor if you are having difficulty in these classes.
  • Help with MBA Upper Core and Concentration courses.
  • Help with online homework or take-home exams/quizzes.
  • Specific questions from the homework.
  • Crash reviews before exams! These types of classes are very different from the classes you took in high school. They require skills that are developed through practice and understanding.

When you visit the Tutoring Lab, please bring the following with you:

  • Student ID
  • Your Text Book and Class Notes: We need to see what your professor went over in class.
  • Positive Mental Attitude: Come focused and ready to learn.