Marketing Minor


For Non-Marketing Majors

The Marketing Minor provides an opportunity for non-marketing majors at William Paterson University to receive an expansive overview of marketing and its sub fields such as advertising, brand management, international marketing, and new product planning.

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Goals of Minor
  • To acquire an understanding of the philosophies, models, and practices in marketing.
  • To apply this new understanding of marketing in business settings.
  • To enhance undergraduate degrees and smoothen the transition into the workforce upon graduation.

A Minor in Marketing provides students with a diverse skillset and a competitive edge over peers in the job market. Students will improve their future outlook by complementing their major, exploring personal interests in marketing, and broadening their options after graduation.

How to Apply
  1. Login into WPU Connect Student Portal.
  2. Click on Declare/Change Minor.
  3. Click on Marketing Minor.
  4. Fill in your information.
  5. Submit application.