Mission, Vision & Values

Our Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Cotsakos College of Business builds upon the diversity of the metropolitan region to prepare students for successful careers in business.  The College's programs incorporate academic excellence, experiential education, and professional enrichment, and are supported by the applied research of its faculty. 


The Cotsakos College of Business will be known across the region as a college of the highest quality, whose graduates are academically and professionally ready to take on the demands of the workplace of the twenty first century.

Our programs and specializations will embody intellectual rigor as well as practical relevance.

We will supplement our academic training with a variety of professional, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.

We will be mindful of the global nature of the society and economy, and will incorporate issues relating to ethics, diversity and sustainability into our curriculum.

Our faculty will produce research output that furthers academic, professional and pedagogical development.  Likewise, our staff will adhere to the highest standards in administrative and technological support to the student body.

Core Values

The following five values will underlie the CCOB's basic philosophy and commitment, its ethos and fundamental beliefs:

Academic Standards

The entire CCOB community will work relentlessly to ensure that our students receive the highest quality academic training.  Our programs will be characterized by academic rigor and professional relevance, and will set our students apart from their peers at similar institutions.

Overall Student Development

The process of learning extends beyond the classroom, and the CCOB will attempt to instill in our students the ability to think analytically with technological proficiency and sensitivity to issues of ethics and social justice. We will also focus on issues of sustainability and the ethical challenges that confront us locally and globally.

Monitoring Student Performance

We are mindful of the fact that student success is the ultimate measure of the CCOB's effectiveness.  We will have a vibrant system in place to track the performance of our students as well as our alumni, and will use the data to calibrate and refocus our efforts to improve.


The CCOB will be welcoming and nurturing in all aspects of diversity, be it in our student population, our faculty or our staff.  Our college will be a safe space for students and employees of all personal circumstances.  We will also be responsive to global issues and attempt to foster a culture of tolerance and respect.

Realizing the CCOB's Potential as an Agent of Change

We recognize that ultimately our students and employees are citizens who possess the potential to transform their surroundings for the better.  We will do our utmost to improve our surroundings by offering our services to our town, our state, our country and beyond.  The CCOB will support the mission and mandates of our public university.

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