The Cotsakos College of Business, accredited by AACSB International, aims to increase student success with an enhanced focus on technology, globalization, professional enrichment, and stakeholder engagement.  Guided by the University's 2012-2022 Strategic Plan, the College continuously strives to elevate the quality of its programs and develop new offerings to meet the needs of emerging professional fields of study.

Under the leadership of Interim Dean Sue Godar, in addition to providing students with a high-quality academic experience, the Cotsakos College of Business recognizes the importance of experiential learning, including internships, mentoring, and other professional enrichment activities. Our goal is to become New Jersey's best industry connected college of business.

The College offers specialized baccalaureate degrees in the functional business disciplines of Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning, Global Business, Marketing, Management, and Professional Sales. Also, the College, which is a signatory to the UN's Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) compact, is growing its commitment to sustainability in business through new curriculum in the area, faculty research, increased community initiatives and new stakeholder reports.

Numerous initiatives that the College is pursuing reflect dedicated pursuit of excellence through change and continual growth, including:

  • developing an improved and a dynamically relevant curriculum;
  • implementing practical assurance of learning strategies to ensure student learning and monitor program quality;
  • encouraging cultural diversity, ethics, and entrepreneurship;
  • increasing faculty scholarship to support strong teaching;
  • focusing on global business, sustainability, and experiential learning
  • incorporating technology into the curriculum; and,
  • invigorating the interaction between the College and its business stakeholders

These initiatives are designed to provide our students with rigorous and meaningful academic programs so that they may secure and retain competitive professional positions and create value for their organizations and communities.

The Global Business and Finance Institute's Financial Learning Center is the hub of all electronic business information exchange and analysis for the College and its partners. Every student, through curricular requirements, will have exposure to, and hands-on training with, software, databases, and data feeds that form the backbone of modern-day, practitioner-driven information dissemination and analysis tools.

The Russ Berrie Institute of Professional Sales utilizes a state-of-the-art, professional sales laboratory, where students engage in active hands-on learning opportunities in role playing and negotiations to refine advanced skills in professional selling.  Both facilities are used extensively in numerous business courses and provide Cotsakos College of Business students with a distinct edge in a competitive job market.

Enrolling in the Cotsakos College of Business undergraduate business program provides students with the opportunity to become enlightened and active participants in their own success.  Our programs are specifically aimed at preparing graduates for advanced academic study or professional careers in either the public or private sector.

Students who enroll in the Cotsakos College of Business join the multitude of graduates who have utilized their business degrees to obtain careers in their professions of choice or become entrepreneurs, joining some of their successful predecessors who went on to become CEOs of corporations or non- profit entities, or create highly successful businesses creating employment and economic development around the country. It is an exciting time for the College, and I hope you will join us in sharing many of the new developments and dynamic changes we are implementing as we continue to serve our students, stakeholders, and the community.

Contact Information

Interim Dean: Sue Godar

Office: 1600 Valley Road

Phone: 973-720-2964

Email: godars@wpunj.edu


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