Advisory & Advancement Board

The Cotsakos College of Business Advisory and Advancement Board plays a vital role in the life of the College and William Paterson University. Members, who are appointed by the dean, help advance William Paterson’s mission and strengthen the University’s competitive position among public institutions of higher education in New Jersey and beyond. Advisory and Advancement Board members demonstrate their commitment by investing generously of their time, talent and treasure in the future of the Cotsakos College of Business and William Paterson University.

There are five committees of the Advisory and Advancement Board:

  1. Student Success Committee. Provides advice in attracting, recruiting and retaining students, assists in setting and achieving enrollment targets (including growth and demographics), and assists in providing external opportunities to students (such as internships, mentoring, job shadowing, employment, and scholarships).
  2. Education Policy Committee. Provides advice regarding undergraduate and graduate academic programs and provides assistance arranging extra-curricular activities (such as seminars, workshops, and guest lectures).
  3. Institutional Development Committee. Provides assistance with fund-raising activities in collaboration with the Dean and the William Paterson University Institutional Advancement Team.  Assists in enhancing the CCOB's brand, image, and reputation.
  4. Nominations Committee.  Assists in identifying and recruiting potential board members and assists in the development and implementation process to evaluate and improve the Board's performance. CLICK HERE to view the current Nominating Committee Procedures.
  5. Executive Committee.  Manages and coordinates the activities of the Board and its committees and consists of the Chair of the CCOB-AAB and each committee chair.


Jeffrey Buonforte
Executive VP Financial Services
Lakeland Bank

Cathy Callagee '83
VP Information Services

Mario Caveda '92
Sr. Consultant, Product Devel./Mgt.

Robert Devine '74

Michael Hoehn
Vice President, Sales

Dewey Imhoff '74
Senior Managing Director
FTI Consulting, Inc.

Michael Mendillo '88
President - Mid-Atlantic
First Service Residential