Office of Educational Enrollment and Certification

Undergraduate Education Requirements

The State of New Jersey Licensing Code and William Paterson University require all undergraduate education students to take and pass a test of basic skills.  The  Praxis Core for Educators (5751) was adopted for this purpose.  Students may also use qualifying SAT or ACT scores in lieu of Core.

Only students, who have passed the  Praxis Core for Educators (5751) or qualifying SAT, ACT or GRE scores, have 60 credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, may take education courses.  

Post Baccalaureate and M.A.T. students need to confer with their program director (or Graduate Admissions) regarding further matriculation/acceptance requirements. 


Praxis Core for Educators Series 5751: 

Test Code


Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading



Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing



Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics
(On-screen four-function calculator provided.)










If you wish to take all three computer-delivered Core Academic Skills for Educators exams (5712, 5722, 5732) at the same time, select Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test (5751) when registering. Scores will be reported by individual test (5712, 5722, 5732).  


Currently, you may be eligible to have the CORE requirement waived if you have met the below cut score basic skills requirement (SAT & ACT) *: 

  Verbal Math
If Taken before 4/1/1995 480 520
If Taken on or after 4/1/1995** 560 540
If taken on or after 3/1/2016 10 Evidence Based Reading and Writing or 30 Reading  570
  English Math
If taken before 8/28/1989 20 23
If taken on   or after 8/28/1989 23 23
  Verbal Quantitative
If Taken before 8/1/2011 530 720

Please contact Susan Alber at if you believe you qualify for this waiver.

*Cut scores as per the NJDOE notification of November 19, 2015.  

 Praxis Information

Please follow the above link for important praxis test information. 

 Application for Certification:
  • Applications are available on line on the New Jersey Licensure and Praxis Information Page.
  • Completed applications are to be returned to the Office of Certification during the final semester in program.
  • Submission deadlines are as follows: Fall - October 1; Spring - March 1; Summer - June 1.
  • All applications must be notarized prior to submitting to the Office.
  • If your certification area requires a Praxis Subject Assessment exam (formerly Praxis II exam), please submit your application regardless of your achievement on the examination
  • The State will not issue a license to teach without completing a teacher education program, passing the necessary Praxis Subject Assessment(s) (if required for your area), obtaining a bachelor's degree and a major appropriate to the area of certification. 
Letters of Program Completion

Letters of Completion and/or Recommendations for Certification will not be submitted until:

  1. degrees are posted; and
  2. Clinical Intern reports are received; and
  3. Praxis scores are submitted to Certification