Basic Skills Requirement

Basic Skills Assessment Requirement Teacher candidates (education majors) are required to have official qualifying scores on a New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner-approved test of basic skills. This requirement must be fulfilled for a teacher candidate to begin the professional sequence of education major coursework.  (N.J.A.C. 6A:9A 4.3)

How Do I Qualify?

1.Pass Praxis Core

2.Score in the top half percentile on SAT, ACT or GRE

3.Hold a master’s degree or higher with 3.0 GPA

What Tests Qualify?  Students must submit official qualifying scores for the PRAXIS CORE, SAT, ACT, or GRE. Qualifying scores from multiple test types can be used to fulfill the basic skills requirement. 

Are you using SAT or ACT tests to qualify? Please have official scores sent to the University directly from the testing company.  The testing company will include the percentiles for each part of your test.  Once you have requested the official scores please email to request the scores be used to fulfill this basic skills requirement.

When requesting scores be sent to WP use the following score recipient codes:

Basic Skills Test WPU Recipient Code New Jersey Department of Education (NJ DOE) Recipient Code
Praxis Core 2518 R7666
ACT 2584 1881
SAT 2518 9059
GRE 2518 2337

How Do I Prepare? Click here: Praxis Information and Preparation Resources | William Paterson University (

Fee Waivers (PRAXIS CORE)

ETS sets aside funds to assist some eligible test takers with PRAXIS CORE fees.  Eligibility and process are found by clicking here: ETS Fee Waiver (see p.12)

Accommodations (PRAXIS CORE)

ETS offers testing accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities or health-related needs, as recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA).  For information to request accommodations please visit:

English Language Learner Accommodations (PRAXIS CORE)

The ETS testing company offers accommodations for test takers for whom English was not the primary language (PLNE).  In the following link, you will find directions on applying for PLNE accommodations and the form to use (p. 12-13 and P. 38-39):


Praxis Core for Educators Series 5752:

Test Code Score
Reading 5713  156
Writing 5723  162
Mathematics 5733  (On-screen four-function calculator provided.) 150

Test takers may register to take all three parts on the same day (Reading, Writing and Math) by using registration code 5752.  This will result in a cost savings.  Or, test takers may choose to take each part individually by registering for the specific codes listed in the chart above.  Scores will be reported by individual test.  Registration:

Acceptable Test Sections to Satisfy Requirement

Qualifying PRAXIS CORE scores or qualifying SAT, ACT, or GRE percentiles may be utilized from the following parts of tests in the categories below.  Please be aware that the composite/overall percentiles for SAT, ACT or GRE will not be utilized.  Rather, percentiles for the parts of SAT, ACT, and GRE tests below will be utilized.  Your test score report will list your National Reference (NR) percentile (SAT) or your ACT National Norm Cumulative Percent (ANN) for each part of the SAT and ACT test, respectively:

Reading Writing Math
Praxis Core Reading Praxis Core Writing Praxis Core Math
SAT Verbal or SAT Reading SAT Verbal or SAT Reading SAT Math
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Evidence-Based Reading and Writing  
ACT English ACT English ACT Math
GRE Verbal GRE Verbal GRE Quantitative