Praxis (II) Subject Assessment Exams Information

Applicants for New Jersey licensure in subject teaching fields, early childhood, elementary and middle school education must pass the appropriate PRAXIS Subject Assessment (formerly known as the Praxis II) examination(s) PRIOR TO Clinical Practice (See OFE Website for dates that scores must be received).

Registering for your Praxis Subject Assessment(s) examination(s) with ETS:

  • Registration link: 
  • Social Security Number: Use your Social Security Number
  • NJ Department of Education must receive your scores: Make the New Jersey Department of Education a recipient by using coding R7666 on your registration form
  • William Paterson University must receive your scores: Request to have your score sent to  WPU by using coding R2518 on your registration form
  • Disability accommodations (students must register with the WPUNJ Accessibility Resource Center at least one year prior to testing)
  • English Language Learner accommodations
  • Fee waivers may be available for college students who meet all eligibility criteria
  • Result page copy to WP Certification Office: It is recommended that you submit a printed copy of your Praxis results to the Office of Education Enrollment and Certification once you receive them from ETS.  Also, retain a copy of your Praxis exams for your own records.  
Certification Area: Praxis(II) Subject Assessment Code Score
Early Childhood Education(Preschool - Grade 3)  Effective September 1, 2015 5025 156
Elementary Multiple Subjects 5001   
Reading and language Arts Subtest 5002 157**
Mathematics Subtest 5003 157**
Social Studies Subtest 5004 155
Science Subtest 5005 159
Middle School English Language Arts 5047  164
Middle School French and  5174  162
OPI Testing Link:
(do not take ProFluent)
Advanced Low or higher is required
Middle School: Mathematics (Calculator allowed.) 5169  165
Middle School Science   5440 150***
Middle School Social Studies 5089


Middle School Spanish and 5195  168
OPI Testing Link:
(do not take ProFluent)
 Advanced Low or higher is required
Art: Content Knowledge 5134 158
Biology and 5235 152
General Science 5435 152
Chemistry, and 5245 152
General Science 5435 152
 OPI Testing link: 
(do not take ProFluent) 
Intermediate High or Above
Earth Science, and 5571 153
General Science 5435 152
English Language Arts 5038  167
French: World Language   and 5174 162
OPI  testing link:
(do not take ProFluent)
Intermediate High or Above 
Health and Physical Education  
5857 160
       OPI Testing link:
(do not take ProFluent)
Intermediate High or Above 
Mathematics (On-screen graphing calculator provided) 5161 160
Music 5113 153
Physical Education 5091 148
Physical Science – Chemistry and 5245 152
Physics and 5265 141
General Science 5435 152
Social Studies 5081 157
Spanish  and 5195 168
OPI Testing link:
(do not take ProFluent)
High or

 As of December 19, 2014 no new Flexibility Rule contracts are being approved  by William Paterson University. 

Bilingual Endorsement 

Required test:

Requirements:  Oral English Written English Oral Second Language Written Second Language
Ways to demonstrate proficiency for each requirement> Achieve “Intermediate High” score or greater on the English Oral Proficiency (OPI) assessment Pass the Basic Skills Assessment (Praxis CORE); 


Achieve “Advanced Low”  or greater on the English Written Proficiency Test (WPT); 


 Achieve “Intermediate High” or greater on the WPT if Second Language WPT score is “Advanced Low” or better. 
Achieve “Advanced Low” or greater on the Oral Proficiency Interview Test in the foreign language;


Establish that he/she was primarily educated at the undergraduate or graduate level in that language. 
Achieve “Advanced Low” or greater on the Written Proficiency Test (WPT)  in the foreign language;


Achieve “Intermediate High” or greater on the WPT if English WPT score is “Advanced Low” or better. 
If you wish to utilize the second option of the Oral Second Language category, please hand deliver an official, unopened foreign credential evaluation, with a written request to use the document in lieu of the language OPI to the WP Office of Education Enrollment and Certification.  If you wish to use the PRAXIS CORE writing scores for the Written English requirement, please provide a written note and copies of your scores to the Office of Education Enrollment and Certification. 

English as a Second Language Endorsement

Required test:  Candidates must present evidence of passing oral and written English language proficiency tests (OPI & WPT). 

Administrator/School Leader

To Be Certified in You Need to Take Test Code Qualifying Score
Principal School Leaders Licensure Assessment (PDF) (Computer) (Must use SLS Bulletin to register.) 6011 163


The Praxis Series
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6051
Princeton, NJ 08541-6051
(800) 772-9476 The School Leadership Series

Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6051 Princeton, NJ 08541-6051
(800) 772-9476
The bulletins are also available online at the Praxis Web Site: and at the School Leadership Series Web Site:

Please request to have a copy of your score to be sent to William Paterson University and the NJ DOE by coding R2518 AND R7666 on your registration form. You must also include your Social Security number when completing your registration form. 

PRAXIS Disability Accommodation Requests

Helpful links and

Allow ample time.  Your first step is to contact the WPUNJ Accessibility Resource Center. 

or 973-720-2853 

If you are requesting accommodations for a disability or a health-related need, you must register by mail. However, you may create a My Praxis account to view scores online and order additional score reports.

Follow the steps below to register  for an exam when requesting PRAXIS disability accommodations: