Our Local Community

Our Commitment to Our Region

We are proud to be a part of the Wayne, Haledon, and North Haledon communities and to continue our long-standing relationship with Paterson, the University’s original home.

William Paterson contributes every day to the region’s economic vitality with students, faculty, and staff frequenting local restaurants, stores, and other businesses. In 2010, student spending through the Pioneer Express Card alone, a cashless way for students to make purchases on and off campus, totaled nearly $600,000 in Wayne.

In addition to the hundreds of William Paterson student teachers working in local school districts, our students and faculty are active in a range of programs and services, including

William Paterson professors and administrators are also actively involved in helping develop the general management plan for the Great Falls National Historic Park in Paterson, N.J. University President Kathleen Waldron serves on the Board of Trustees of the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson, a non-profit organization that helped launch the park.

William Paterson students stay engaged in community and civic involvement through academic courses and programs like the American Democracy Project, a multi-campus initiative that encourages civic activity, and by working with community organizations in towns throughout our region.

We invite the public to continue to be an active part of our campus community. Join us for upcoming events, including University conferences, theatre, music concerts, art exhibits, the Distinguished Lecturer Series, and family-friendly entertainment. We are your center for education and culture.