The Independent Track exists to accommodate students whose research interests are not part of another Honors Track. Working with the Director of the Honors College, students design a track that suits their needs. Students must take a series of courses or independent study classes as part of the track and they must complete a final thesis project.


The Track is Ideal For:

  • Students whose research interests are not part of another Honors Track



Students interested in the Independent Track must meet with the Director of the Honors College to discuss their interests. The student must locate one or two advisors from appropriate academic departments to help mentor them. The student and advisor will choose the courses for the track, and they will outline a proposal for the Honors thesis or project. The student will submit a 3-page proposal to the Director of the Honors College that describes each class that will be part of the track and provides a description of the thesis or project. The Director of the Honors College must approve the proposal for a student to enter the Independent Track.


What projects have students completed in the past?

Students in the Independent Track have produced theses with the following titles:

Ina Sharma, The Mental Health Impact of COVID19 on Healthcare Workers, 2021

Oliver Rodriquez, A Study of Security Issues and Measures in Fog and Edge Computing, 2020

Elijah Cook, Gold Nanoparticles with Mercaptan Drugs, 2020

Dev Dave, Machine Learning Techniques for Software Performance Prediction, 2020

Ashley Merchant, Violence and Security in Mexico, 2020

Maximillian Rohrer, Using a Numerical Baseball Simulator to Analyze Batting Lineups and Hitter Streakiness, 2020

Samantha Shortino, A Mathematical Mystery: An In-Depth Analysis of the Trisection Problem, 2020

Cassandra Hillmer, Implementing Problem-Solving in Small Group Settings to Engage Students in Mathematical Practices at the Middle School Level, 2019

Emmanuel Garcia, The Role of Music in Motion Pictures, 2019

Dante Vocaturo, Evolution: An Analysis of Women's Roles on WWE Programming, 2019

John C. Zeitler, Album Rollouts: How a Project's Rollout Influences an Album's Success, 2019


How do I enroll?

For further information on this track, consult the director, Dr. Barbara Andrew, at (973) 720-3658, or at


About the Track Director:

Dr. Barbara Andrew specializes in feminist theory, ethics, social and political philosophy.  Her most recent publications consider love and freedom as moral principles. Dr. Andrew served as Chair of the Department of Philosophy from 2011 until her appointment as interim Honors College Director.  She has taught at William Paterson University since 2002.  Previously, she taught at the University of Oregon and the University of Montana.