Freshman Information

First Year Honors Requirements:

  • Maintain a semester GPA of 3.25 or above.
  • Complete a cluster of Honors courses in their first semester unless their major requirements prohibit it.
  • Complete Honors 1010 and Honors 1020 - the Honors Freshmen Extended Orientation classes.
  • Complete Honors 1000 - a one-credit guided research course.
  • Complete 7 hours of civic engagement each academic year in Pioneer Ventures.
  • Attend at least three thesis or project presentations each year during Honors Week in April.
  • Attend one “All College- Honors College” meeting per semester.

Honors Extended Orientation (Hon 1010 and Hon 1020) is a zero-credit course that focuses on the tools necessary to become a successful college student. Through class activities and projects in and outside of the classroom, students develop an understanding of university-level research, advisement and registration, and academic requirements. Students establish personal and academic goals and acquire time management, classroom-readiness, study skills, problem solving and decision-making skills. Students get to know the William Paterson University campus through readings, civic engagement, and activities with peer leaders.  

Honors College Peer Leaders 2020-2021: 

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The Benefits of Participating in the University Honors College:
  • Honors College scholarships.
  • Honors cluster of linked courses taught by honors faculty during 1st semester.
  • Priority registration privileges.
  • Opportunity to live in an honors learning community in High Mountain East during 1st year.
  • Development of a final thesis or project with a faculty mentor.
  • Opportunities to travel to conferences to present thesis or project research.
  • Opportunities to take courses with embedded travel experiences.
  • Recognition as a graduate of the University Honors College at convocation and commencement ceremonies, as well as on the diploma and transcript.

Honors Handbook 2020-2021

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How does the community experience continue after the first year? 

After the first semester, honors students are required to take one honors course per semester. In the first and second year, this is an Honors section of a University Core Curriculum class. The list of Honors courses being offered in a semester can be found here Before the start of their junior year, all honors students should be admitted to an Honors Track (find more info on tracks here). Students will then take at least one honors track course per semester until completing their thesis or project presentation during Honors Week 

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