Our Mission

At William Paterson University, Honors College students are given unique learning opportunities. We expect that Honors College students will work closely and collaboratively in multiple settings with exceptionally dedicated and talented peers and mentors. They will appreciate and learn meaningfully about the global and historical backgrounds and current circumstances of diverse groups of people, recognizing the interconnected nature of today’s world. They will demonstrate an acceptance of ambiguity and a willingness to explore and think critically about multiple perspectives. They will evince a strong intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning. Honors College students will give presentations of their research with peers and mentors at events on campus and at regional or national conferences. They will lead and develop campus and community activities. The end of the program is the beginning of an enriched, accomplished, and compassionate life.

What are the benefits of participating in the University Honors College?
  • Small, interactive classes with highly qualified professors who are committed to their students
  • Individual attention and opportunities to collaborate with professors and peers
  • Development of a final thesis or project with a faculty member
  • Priority registration for all courses taken in the fall and spring semesters
  • Advisement from both a faculty member of the major department and a member of the University Honors College
  • Opportunities to study abroad and throughout the United States with other Honors students
  • Opportunities to travel to conferences to present thesis or project research
  • Opportunity to live in an Honors Learning Community in High Mountain East residence hall
  • Opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities like field trips, outings and social gatherings with Honors students and Faculty
  • Special notation of Honors on degree transcript and University diploma
  • Recognition as a graduate of the University Honors College at University Student Honors and Awards Ceremony and Commencement ceremonies
 What are the benefits of participating in Undergraduate Research?
  • Through research you learn skills that easily transfer to a job including:  self-management, collaboration, critical thinking and project management. 
  • Completing your own senior research or creative expression project cultivates confidence and prepares you for a successful entry to the work force.
Can I take an Honors course even if I am not in the Honors College?
  • Yes! Email Honors@wpunj.edu to request a course permit. Permits will be granted as space allows. You must have a William Paterson GPA of 3.25 or higher to be eligible.
How do I apply to the Honors College?  
What is required of students enrolled in the University Honors College?
  • Honors students must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or above.
  • All students in the University Honors College are expected to be enrolled in at least one Honors course per semester, but most students choose to enroll in more than one.
  • Honors students can choose between various campus civic engagement opportunities in order to fulfill their requirements 
  • All students in the University Honors College are expected to regularly check their William Paterson University email accounts for important University and Honors College information. Most information about the Honors College is shared using email.
  • Honors students are required to enroll in and complete an Honors Track. Students should be accepted into their track by the time they have completed 60 credits at WPUNJ.
  • All Honors students are expected to attend Honors Week events which are typically held in mid-April.
  • To graduate with Honors, a student must take a minimum of four Honors sections of University Core Curriculum courses, fulfill the requirements of an Honors Track, complete a final project or thesis, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25. 

What is an Honors Track?
  • In addition to a disciplinary major and other University requirements, students are required to declare and pursue an Honors Track. Most tracks are comprised of five courses that prepare the student to complete an independent senior research or creative performance project. Note that Honors Tracks may, but do not have to, parallel a student’s disciplinary major.
  • There are eleven different Honors Tracks to choose from which include: Biology, Business, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Cognitive Science, Global Public Health, Humanities, Independent, Music, Nursing, Performing and Literary Arts, and Social Science.
  • For more information about each individual track, visit http://www.wpunj.edu/honors-program/tracks.html

How can I fill out my Honors Progress Report?
  • In order to fill out your progress report please follow the instructions you received from Honors College. Also, you can refer to the following video

What types of Honors Courses are offered?
  • Most students in their first semester will be enrolled in an Honors Cluster. Clusters bring together three classes around a common theme. The three classes meet separately, and once every week or two, all of the professors and students meet for an interdisciplinary plenary session. First Year Students are assigned to a cluster by the Honors College Dean and the Office of the Registrar.
  • Every semester, the Honors College offers Honors sections of several UCC courses. Honors sections engage students in active learning and often rely more upon discussion, and they are capped at 20 students. Before priority registration begins in the fall and spring semester, the Honors College produces a list of courses and shares it with students via email. The list of courses is also available via the Honors College website at https://www.wpunj.edu/honors-program/courses.html

Who advises Honors Students?
  • Honors first and second-year students are advised by faculty in their major or by professional advisors.
  • All other students are advised by a member of their major department and by a member of the University Honors College, typically their Honors Track Director.
  • Students can find the name of their advisor through WP Connect, under the Student tab. They can also stop by the Honors Office to sign up for an additional advisement appointment.
  • All Honors students are welcome to stop by the Honors College office in Raubinger 154 for advising help.                           
What is the best way to contact the Honors College?
  • Honors students are encouraged to regularly check their William Paterson email accounts for important Honors College announcements. Announcements and information about upcoming events can also be found on the Honors College website and News Page.
  • The Honors Office is located in Raubinger Hall, room 154. Please feel free to stop by should you have any questions. You could also contact us via email at honors@wpunj.edu or give us a call at (973) 720-3657.

What is the Honors Club?
  • The Honors Club is recognized by the Student Government Association and must conform to its guidelines. The Honors Club is open to all William Paterson University students with an interest in the Honors College. Members need not be a member of the Honors College to join the club.
  • The Honors Club is a social and service organization that plans events, community service projects, and outings for Honors students.