FAQ for Transfer Students in the Communication Department

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Where do I send the transcripts and how do I get my transfer credits evaluated?
Arrange for your previous college or university to send an official copy of your transcript to the William Paterson University Admissions Office. For additional information click here. 

How many credits will be accepted?
To be a transfer student at William Paterson University you must have earned at least 12 college credit hours. Depending on your transfer admissions status different policies apply. For additional information please click here.  

Are my grades and my grade point average transferable? 
No. The grades earned from your previous institution will not appear on your William Paterson University transcript and the grades will not be part of your William Paterson University grade point average.

Are all credits accepted?
Yes. If you earned your AA or AS degree from a New Jersey community college prior to your admission into William Paterson, all credits passed are transferable. Students who are transferring from an accredited four-year institution will be able to transfer up to 90 credits. Otherwise, transferred courses must be similar to those offered at William Paterson University. They cannot be basic skills courses and must have been completed with a grade of "C" or higher. Please review course descriptions for courses in question and meet with your academic advisor to file the necessary adjustment forms.

What if I have questions about my transcript or degree evaluation?
Contact one of the transcript evaluators in the William Paterson University Admissions Office. For additional information click here.

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How do I apply for the Communication major(s)?

You would have declared a major when you applied to WPU.
If not, you can do this online at wpconnect.edu or visit the Advisement Center.
The Career Development and Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center
Student Center 301, 300 Pompton Road, Wayne, NJ 07470
Phone 973.720.2281/2282
Fax 973.720.2074
Click here for more information

In the Department of Communication there are now four major areas and several tracks to select. 

We also have minors available in Interpersonal Communication, Meida Studies, Public Relations and Theatre/Comedy.

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What communication courses should I take first? 
COMM 119
All students transferring into the Communication major are required to take COMM 119 during their first semester at William Paterson University.

To get a permit for COMM 119 email Dr. Peck  PeckD@wpunj.edu and indicate which CRN and section you’d prefer.
For additional information about COMM 119 and other required communication courses review the links below.

Questions or for the name of your academic advisor?
Contact Dr. Peck, Advisement Coordinator, at PeckD@wpunj.ed or 973-720-3338

For additional advisement information, click here.

For courses required by each major in Communication click here.

As a Transfer, do I need to do any of the Core requirement at WPU?
If you are a transfer student with AA or AS degree, then:

  1. You have fulfilled your Core requirement at WPU. Make sure that your degree audit shows that you have “Met” Core requirements. If not, talk with your advisor. 
  2. You will need to make sure that one of your 300 level or above courses that you register for at WPU is also designated as Writing Intensive (WI). See “What are Writing Intensive and Technology Intensive requirements?” on FAQ page.

If you are a transfer student without an AA or AS degree, then:

  • You will need to review your degree audit to determine how many of your courses have transferred into the Core at WPU. For more details contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office or call 973.720.2125.

How do I decide what courses do I take?
1. Review your degree evaluation.
2. Select courses of interest and requirements.
3. Consult with your academic advisor. 
4. You are ready to register and may do so online. It is a good idea to start with uncompleted general education requirements, communication major general requirements and prerequisites.   If you have an Associate degree you may still need to take the Non-Western and Language requirements. 

For additional information about courses and course schedule, please click here.

How do I register?
Generally, registration for classes takes place online through the web with several registration windows. Students are encouraged to register during their assigned registration window to avoid being closed out of courses. For additional information about registration windows and process, please click here.

Then log on to the banner/self-service link.  You’ll need your 855 number and your PIN (for first-time transfer students this may be your 6-digit bday – ex. 01/01/90), you should have been sent your pin with your registration information/welcome letter.  Then you’ll see Student Records and on this link you can view your degree evaluations (this tells you what courses you need) and then click on register/add/drop.  Several boxes will pop up.  Type in each course number (CRN) and click submit.  You can then view your schedule, etc.  Click here for more information.

How do I get help with difficult courses?
William Paterson University provides academic assistance to students having difficulty with their courses through the Office of Academic Support. For additional information about academic support services, please click here.

My transfer credits aren’t showing up where they should.  How do I get a course waived, or substituted for another course?
If you have taken a course at your previous college, you can have the course waived or substituted for a William Paterson University course of the same content. After consultation with an advisor, you should immediately complete an Adjustment of Degree Requirements form to request a waiver or substitution (available from the dept. offering the course). For additional information about waivers or substitution of communication courses, please contact each dept. chair or Dr. Peck, Student Affairs Coordinator, Communication Department, 973-720-2626 or through email at PeckD@wpunj.edu

Can I repeat a course?
Yes. You are allowed to repeat, only once, any course taken for credit toward degree completion in which you received a grade of “D+” or lower. A course in which an “F” is received may only be repeated twice. Students must be vigilant to avoid retaking courses that were completed at another university and accepted as transfer credits at William Paterson University. These courses will only be counted once toward graduation requirements and will not be factored into your grade point average.

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Am I eligible for the internship program?
Yes. However, transfer students are not allowed to participate in the internship program during their first semester. For application and information about internships, please contact the following:
Internal Internship – Dr. Morganstern, Internal Internship Coordinator, Communication Department, 973-720-3349 or through email at morgansternb@wpunj.edu
External Internship – Professor Brown, External Internship Coordinator, Communication Department, 973-720-2609 or through email at BrownL50@wpunj.edu
Or, click here.

What are the requirements for teaching certification?
Students interested in a career in teaching should consult with their advisor and promptly contact the Director of Certification in the College of Education. For additional information about Communication courses needed for teaching certification, please contact Dr. Peck, Communication Department, 973-720-2626 or through email at peckd@wpunj.edu or click here.

Can I make my own film, have my own radio or television show, or act in a play?
All students are eligible and encouraged to participate in all course activities and co-curricular activities offered by the Communication Department. For additional information about these activities, please click here.

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How many more semesters do I need to complete my degree?
Most transfer students complete their degree programs in approximately four to six semesters of continued study. Please consult your academic advisor to develop an academic plan that meets your needs.

How many credits do I need to graduate?
You are required to have completed 120 or 128 credits (depending on date of enrollment) to earn a BA in Communication. This includes approximately 60 credits of General Education Courses (usually completed with an AA or AS degree from a New Jersey community college); 39 credits of Communication; and up to 29 credits of Free Electives. You are encouraged to consult with your advisor to determine the specific number of credits you need to graduate.

When and how do I file for graduation?
During the second semester of your junior year you should have a comprehensive meeting with your advisor to assess your progress toward graduation. At the end of the semester, you should contact the Registrar’s Office to file for graduation and secure the necessary clearance. Please click here for additional information.

What can I do with my degree in communication?
Depending on the student’s major or concentration, a variety of career opportunities are available. Consult with your academic advisor about your options and career plans. For additional information about communication careers, please click here.

If you need more information about careers, resume assistance, recruitment and placement please click here.

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Who is responsible for my academic success and to make sure nothing goes wrong?
Students are ultimately responsible for their education and academic success in the Communication department at William Paterson University. You are responsible for meeting with your advisor and seeking information from all available sources to meet your needs. For additional information about student roles and responsibilities, please check out academic advising for students for more information.

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Professor Diana Peck, Transfer Student Affairs Coordinator
Communication Department

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