Journalism & Public Relations

The Journalism/Public Relations major introduces students to the methods and techniques for gathering, processing, and delivering information in print and broadcast media. The major includes instruction in news writing, reporting, editing, media laws/ethics, and public relations principles and practices. Students produce television news shows, publish a campus newspaper and create public relations campaigns.

Upon selection of the major, students may choose from the following tracks to better customize their course of study based on specific interest areas:

  •  Broadcast Journalism
  •  Print Journalism
  •  Public Relations
Broadcast Journalism Track

The Broadcast Journalism track gives students an overview of the theory and history of television news, and focuses on the research, writing and production skills associated with putting together the various parts of a TV network-style news program. Students learn to: write and produce TV news stories, both in the newsroom and also using cameras editing and sound equipment; do “live” video reports from remote locations; assemble a news show rundown; supervise preproduction of a TV news program; and supervise the program as it airs. In this way, students are prepared for internships at the major TV news networks and ultimately for TV industry jobs.

Print Journalism Track

The Print Journalism track prepares students for professional careers in the newspaper and related industries and for advanced study. The curriculum enables student to become sophisticated consumers of news media and includes instruction in news writing, reporting, editing, and media law/ethics. Emphasis is placed on integrating new media throughout the concentration’s curriculum. Students prepare for internships and entry level positions at newspapers through writing for the student newspaper.

Public Relations Track

The public relations track prepares students for careers in a variety of increasingly integrated marketing communications industries. Public relations knowledge and skills apply to virtually all industries and interest areas. Careers in public relations-related fields continue to grow faster than the national average ( and are listed as a top-8 growth industry by Fortune magazine. Public relations programs help support an organization’s business objectives and increase corporate reputation, drive sales and even build a brand. We offer a rigorous public relations curriculum which includes integrated communication planning, digital and social media marketing, strategic multi-platform writing, event promotion and program development. Our courses and extra-curricular opportunities enhance a student’s knowledge and skills in effective communication messaging, critical problem-solving, creative idea development, reputation management and measurement. Students intern and secure careers working across a variety of industry sectors including fashion, sports, consumer, healthcare, food, travel, finance, entertainment, corporate and many more. Our graduates enjoy careers in public relations agencies, corporations, government, nonprofits, hospitals, sports teams, entertainment venues, advertising agencies, record labels, investment firms, media companies and professional associations.

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