Media Studies & Media Production

The Media Studies and Production major introduces students to both the aesthetic and applied methods of communication media. The major offers two tracks: Media Studies, which examines the cultural, social and ethical dimensions of communication practices, and Media Production, which encompasses the production of broadcast and film.

Upon selection of the major, students may choose from the following tracks to better customize their course of study based on specific interest areas:

  • Media Studies
  • Media Production
Media Studies Track

The Media Studies track takes a generalist approach to understanding the social, economic, political, cultural, aesthetic, legal and ethical dimensions of communication media. Courses are designed to introduce students to an international and multicultural appreciation of the role of media technologies in a global society. Students have the opportunity to blend their critical studies in media with hands-on creative studies through elective media production courses. Students considering careers in the various media industries would benefit from this broad understanding and the program’s emphasis on the critical analysis of the role of media in a society characterized by rapid media change.

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Media Production Track

The Media Production track introduces students to the methods and techniques used to create aural/visual messages in a variety of mass media. Sequences of introductory and advanced courses in theory and practice of film, television, and radio provide students a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics and techniques of media production and prepare them to function as professionals in different media fields. The production facilities in the concentration allow students hands-on practice in two television studios, a radio station, a film production lab, a digital audio production lab, and several digital video and audio editing rooms.

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