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Welcome to Professional Enrichment 2.0

The professional enrichment program at the Cotsakos College of Business is designed to prepare and transition students for a highly competitive and demanding twenty-first century job market. This co-curricular program rests upon a strong developmental foundation integrating Career Development, Soft Skills, Technology, and Communication. Graduates will develop the professional skills and career management tools necessary to succeed in their chosen discipline within the global economy.

Who is required to participate in Professional Enrichment activities?

Completion of PE activities are used in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for MGT 4600 (Business Strategy and Policy), which is a required course for all Bachelor of Science programs at the Cotsakos College of Business. Specifically, ten percent of the grade earned in this course is based on students' Professional Enrichment activities.

Students must attend professional enrichment activities and complete the career development component as they progress through their business program towards graduation.  Students who began the Fall 2016 semester as Freshmen, Sophomores, or New Business Student (transferring from another institution or another non-business major) will complete the Professional Enrichment 2.0 requirements.  Continuing business majors who were Juniors and Seniors at the beginning of the Fall 2016, are automatically grandfathered into the previous requirement of 8 PE credits earned while a business major at William Paterson University.

Students who are not automatically grandfathered into the prior PE requirements AND have earned a significant number of PE points before the fall 2016 semester, may request a waver of some of the PE 2.0 requirements.

CLICK HERE to download the Waiver Request form.


Aliyah Xu
Operations Coordinator, Cotsakos College of Business

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