Student Managed Portfolio

The Student Managed Portfolio provides students with an outstanding opportunity to manage real money.  The students experience firsthand the dynamics of security investing in today’s global financial markets.  Students establish connections and parallels between their academic work and portfolio management techniques.  They hone their skills and develop expertise in making investment decisions by working in groups with an advisory board comprised of finance professionals and experienced finance faculty.


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Thursdays at 12.30 pm
1600 Valley Rd, Room 2014
Wayne, NJ


Burton Hirschman (President) Shamus is Kings Queen

Peter Caiazzo (Advisor)



Past Events

Title:  Fintech and It’s Impact on Business Process Automation
Description: Mr. Gagliardi will discuss how Fintech is used to automate various middle and back office operations. He will also provide insight into the ETF Creation and Redemption process for passive and active ETFs including market participants and their involvement in the products.

Speaker:  Joseph Gagliardi, VP – Business Development, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
Bio: Mr. Gagliardi has over 20 years of experience in various middle and back office roles. His career includes positions at the DTC, US Trust on the Venture Capital Services Desk, Charles Schwab and Broadridge Financial Solutions, LLC. He is a graduate of the University of Stony Brook and Baruch College. He has his Series 7, 63 and 55 licenses.

Title:  Gamestop, r/WallStreetBets and Diamond Hands
Ignore the crowd and trade like a professional. Trading rules to protect your capital and achieve higher returns in your personal account.

Speaker:  Chris Bezler
Bio: Chris started his 20 year Wall Street career in Equity Research at Morgan Stanley covering the Electric Utilities industry. After four years on the Sell Side, he transitioned to the Buy Side working for a Private Family Office investing in Public and Private Equities. Chris now works as an Independent Trader.

Title:  Careers for college graduates in the financial sector: from Investment Banking to Commercial Banking and other financial services jobs 
 The workshop will provide an overview of the financial industry structure and systems. It will also address industry participants as well as the type of jobs available across the finance spectrum.  

Speaker:  Khanh Vuong
Bio: Khanh is an executive with over 30 years of experience in risk management and assurance, policy oversight, enterprise risk management and regulatory action remediation. Khanh is highly skilled in managing credit risk across different products, interest rate and liquidity risk and asset-liability management for traditional banking operations as well as specialized lending operations. He is also experienced leading complex audit and remediation action validation efforts.

Title:  Zoom - $500 or $50 Stock? 
 How Can Company Financials Inform Us - A Fundamental Look at The #1 Work From Home Stock

Speaker:  Chris Bezler
Bio: Chris started his 20 year Wall Street career in Equity Research at Morgan Stanley covering the Electric Utilities industry. After four years on the Sell Side, he transitioned to the Buy Side working for a Private Family Office investing in Public and Private Equities. Chris now works as an Independent Trader. 

Title:  Introduction to DeFi (decentralized finance) and Blockchain Technology
DeFi’s rapid growth since late 2019 shows incredible promise towards becoming an integral part of global finance operations. Leveraging blockchain technology to redesign financial instruments, it now represents over $24 billion in digital assets (as of January 2021, source: DeFi Pulse). Topics covered will include key concepts such as stable coins (digital assets that hold a fixed value over time), liquidity pools, and yield farms. There is no prerequisite knowledge; attendees are encouraged to ask questions to help guide their understanding of this new and complex field.

Speaker:  Nicholas D’andrea
Bio: Nick has been working in the blockchain technology industry for the past five years and currently serves as Lead Blockchain Engineer for ConsenSys Software, Inc. He has spoken publicly at countless engagements in over seven countries, including at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is the author of multiple standards documents for the Ethereum blockchain and the maintainer of the Truffle smart contract development tool, actively used by approximately 40,000 software developers around the world. He is passionate about decentralized finance and how smart contracts bring the promise of a better future.

Title:  Financial Modeling and Valuation Workshop
A two-day workshop where students will be exposed to private company valuation and financial analysis. Students will create a financial model, comparable company analysis and discounted cash flow analysis. In addition, students will gain a perspective into fundamental business analysis and drivers of value as well as relevant risks. Finally, we will discuss careers in the field and strategies for obtaining your dream job.

Title:  The Intersection of Finance and Policy
Alyssa will share her experiences at the intersection of finance and policy, and offer career advice into the industries.

Speaker:  Alyssa Trinidad
Bio: Alyssa is a Capital Markets Risk Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, specializing in Large Financial Institutions. A licensed CPA, Alyssa is a graduate of Boston College and Harvard University.

Title: Perspectives on Careers in Private Equity and Investment Banking
Description: Greg will talk about his roles as an analyst and associate in IB and PE. The session will be in interview format with time for audience Q&A.

Speaker: Greg Vuong
Bio: Greg worked as an associate in the healthcare private equity group at Cerberus Capital Management.  Prior to Cerberus, he was an Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Leveraged Finance, facilitating high-yield bond and leveraged loan financings in support of corporate debt raises, mergers & acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts.  Greg graduated from Duke University in 2018.

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