2 Day Financial Modeling Bootcamp


Financial Modeling and Valuation Bootcamp


Join us for this intense, two-day Financial Modeling and Valuation Bootcamp. Students will recreate the Private Equity led takeover of a company in the retail space. Participants will examine both the target and acquiring company to structure the deal. At the end of the two-day workshop students will:

  • Be exposed to market players in the space such as: Banks, Credit Funds, and Private Equity firms
  • Appreciate key value drivers and investment risks
  • Understand a company’s capital structure and risk and return profiles for various forms of debt and equity
  • Gain exposure to the basic components of a credit memo
  • Be able to create a simple LBO model
  • Perform stress testing
  • Estimate the combined value of the firm using relative valuation and DCF models

Finally, we will discuss careers in the field and strategies for obtaining your dream job.


Students should have a strong foundation in Excel and an understanding of financial statements.


April 14th to April 15th, 2022 @ 9:00am - 5:00pm
*This is a live workshop and will not be broadcasted. 

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Financial Center
1600 Valley Rd, Room 2014
Wayne, NJ 07470

Registration is now closed for this event. 


  • All work will be done on lab PCs which have Excel 365. Any shortcuts will be based on Windows machines with Excel 365. We will not cover conversions for Excel on other systems such as for Mac.
  • Participants may bring their own machines and we will provide all templates.

*This event is sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA).

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