Private Equity Workshop

Private Equity Two-Day Workshop

A two-day workshop where students will be exposed to private company valuation and financial analysis. Students will create a financial model, comparable company analysis and discounted cash flow analysis. In addition, students will gain a perspective into fundamental business analysis and drivers of value as well as relevant risks. Finally, we will discuss careers in the field and strategies for obtaining your dream job.

April 9th to April 10th @ 8:30am - 5:30pm



  •  All work will be done on lab PCs which have Excel 2016. Any shortcuts will be based on Windows machines with Excel 2016. We will not cover conversions for Excel on other systems such as for Mac.
  • Participants may bring their own machines and we will provide all templates.
  • A link will be provided for those attending the sessions remotely. Please note while we are broadcasting the event, the workshop is being tailored to a live format. Remote viewers will not receive hands-on support and may not have questions answered in real-time. Login instructions will be sent prior to the event.
  • The first 16 registrants who are attending both days will have priority seating in room VR 2014. Any live attendees can follow the presentation from a computer lab.
  • We will attempt to record sections of the presentations and our best efforts to post those for attendees for a limited time.

*This event is sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA).