Microsoft Excel Certification

Students at the Cotsakos College of Business are eligible to pursue the Excel Associate - Microsoft Office Specialist for Microsoft 365 Apps: Exam MO - 210 and Microsoft Excel Expert: certifications free of charge.

To be eligible students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in the College of Business
  • Complete all prerequisites required by the Global Business & Finance Institute.

Students may complete the program in-person or remotely.

What are the Excel Certification exams? 

The Excel certification exams are project-based, simulation exams. Upon successful completion of the exam users will receive confirmation of completion and be able to post their unique certificate to LinkedIn using a third party, Credly. There are no multiple choice questions. Students are assigned tasks within projects and perform the tasks within the Excel environment. Tests are meant to provide realistic and practical application-based training. Each test is 50 minutes long with a passing score of at least 700 out of 1000.  

The exams are endorsed by Microsoft and provided by Certiport

Test takers must wait 24 hours to repeat an exam after the first failed attempt and 48 hours for subsequent attempts. 

Which Excel Tests are Offered Through GBFI 

Excel 2019 - Excel Associate (MO  200) 

Excel 2019 – Excel Expert (MO 201) 

Office 365 – Excel Associate (MO 210) (current) 

Office 365 – Excel Expert (available April 2023) 

What are the Steps to Complete the Exam? 

  1. Training –Can be done in-person via  instructor-led workshops or remotely using the related LinkedIn course. Cert Prep: Excel Associate - Microsoft Office Specialist for Microsoft 365 
    Note: The LinkedIn course only begins the training portion. It does not complete the certification! Students must still upload the Excel templates that coincide with the course.  
  2. Upload the completed Excel files to the GBFI website. Each chapter has several files which need to be uploaded.  
  3. Create a free GMetrix account at 
  4. Redeem your GMetrix code to take practice exams. You must pass ONE Practice Exam in Testing Mode to satisfy this step. – ECON 2100 test takers will have a GMetrix code emailed to them at the beginning of the semester. All other test takers will be sent a code after successfully completing and uploading their Excel files from LinkedIn. 
  5. Schedule a time with GBFI to take the official exam. This can only be done after all prerequisites have been completed. Tests may be taken in-person or remotely.  

Step 1, 2 – Training (in-person option) 

Steps to complete the Excel certification in-person. 

  1. Complete the training portion of the program by registering for GBFI’s instructor-led workshops.  Users must attend one Tuesday and one Thursday session for this option. 
  2. Upload  the only the completed chapter challenge files from the workshop. 

Step 1, 2 – Training (remote option) 

Steps to complete the Excel certification online. 

  1. The training portion of the program by accomplished by taking the associated LinkedIn Learning Course(s) – Cert Prep: Excel Associate - Microsoft Office Specialist for Microsoft 365 
  2. Upload the completed templates (02_01.xlsx, 02_02.xlsx…02_10.xlsx). You will need to submit all of the individual files related to each chapter. 

    We encourage you to link your WPConnect LinkedIn-Learning account to your personal LinkedIn account so we can add the class as a Recommended Learning Path to your Profile.  

    Step 3 - Taking a Practice Exam 

    • After uploading the related Excel files to the GBFI site, a representative will review your work. A GMetrix redemption code will be sent after a successful submission. 

              Note: ECON 2100 users will be emailed their GMetrix code at the beginning of the course.  

    • Students may complete the practice exams at the GBFI Financial Center (1600 Valley Road 2014) OR download GMetrix and complete their Gmetrix Practice tests at home. Please note we are not able to troubleshoot issues on your personal machines. 

    Step 4 – Schedule a time to take the Exam 

    Users may take the official exam in-person or remotely. A link will be emailed to users to schedule an exam time only after ALL prerequisites have been completed. It is important to note testing times are limited and all tests must be taken through GBFI. We do not sponsor tests taken elsewhere. Candidates may email to schedule an exam. 

    Important Notes on Test Taking (In-person) 

    Arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled exam with Government issued or WPU ID. We still have to schedule a time for the exam, however, there are more options available. Walk-in or email 

    Important Notes on Test Taking (Remote) 

    Remote test takers must have a working camera for the exam and Government issued or WPU ID.  Remote test takers must review ALL policies and requirements for remote testing on the Certiport website carefully 

    • We cannot restart or reschedule once the test is started.  
    • If you miss an online exam test time, we do not reschedule the exam.  
    • Your computer language must be set to English.  
    • You cannot have multiple monitors plugged in.  
    • You cannot have any other applications open and you may only have one browser tab open for the test.  
    • The test is 50 minutes and we schedule a one hour block on a virtual server so you cannot be late to the exam.  

    If any of the occurrences above occur the exam will crash and time does not restart limiting the test takers total time for the exam. All tests are subject to availability and a GBFI representative will proctor all exams.  

    Import Note for Mac Users 

    All exams are Windows based. Candidates may prepare on a Mac but all questions and testing will be done using Windows commands and protocols. It is therefore highly recommend candidates complete this program using a PC. 

    Support Options 

    Live Chat - 

    Phone – 973-720-3791 

    Email – 

    Tutoring - Schedule tutoring

    Email to schedule a time to take the official Certiport exam. 

    Frequency Asked Questions

    Yes. Please register on our website.

    Log into WP connect, click apps in the top right, then "LinkedIn Learning", and search for your courses:

    No. Your GMetrix code will need to be reinstated but we will honor completed exams. If you have yet to upload your templates you can still do so.

    Each Excel exam is 35 Questions and users have 50 minutes to complete the exam. Students must score at least 70% to pass the exams.

    We require students to take MO-210 before MO-220.

    Exam Testing and Retake Policies Please refer to the Certiport exam policies on their website. Students must wait at least 24 hours before retaking an exam. If a student needs to retake an exam more than once they will need to wait at least 48 hours before taking additional exams.

    Students who pass the exams will receive their Microsoft Excel Expert certification from Certiport and may register for a LinkedIn personal badge from Credly.

    After successful completion and upload of the Excel templates only.

    Instructor-led training sessions for each semester will be posted after drop / add periods.


    Refer to this video and see if it helps answer them!